You Talk Till You Blue – Put Up Or Shut UP!!!!!!

I am sick and tired of the diatribe that is eloquently espoused by our Leaders.  Every day or every week when we hear of a murder against our teenagers, we come out moaning, gesticulating where applicable, and in full performance declaring we have had enough.

Let us get this very clear, the acts are heinous.  No amount of consoling, visiting those who are grieved, ranting about family values is going to change one thing.  Develop some backbone and stop relying on wish bone.  Every culture has something we can take away and ‘run wid it’.  We fail miserably because we do not have the ‘iron fist’ that is needed to quell ‘di demonic leggo beast’ elements that are roaming around in our country.  Until you change the laws and let the punishment fit the crime, you are all coexisting in a delusional state.

Look to countries that have a low crime rate in various criminal acts and adopt their punishment.  Sometime ago the Observer ran an article on Saudi Arabia, and the ‘sharia law as it relates to specific crimes’.  I posit you revisit and I charge the Minister of Justice, Minister of National Security to implement such before the next general elections and deal with the situation at hand.  Child killers and rapists must suffer the harshest brunt of the law.  Children are defenseless, and if it is children are committing these heinous acts, then they too must be treated as ‘adults’.  After each wailing and cries of cruelty by politicians and the public at large, no sooner the next victim unfolds we return to the said emotions. A never ending soap opera, difference being ‘real lives’ are damaged forever.

JFJ, NGOs, human rights ‘dis’ and human rights ‘dat’, cannot and has never prevented acts of cruelty suffered by the less fortunate on this Land.  The GOJ must have the capacity, the will, to do the ‘tough’ as they do with the finances evidenced by the austerity measures.  Crime and violence punishments must be equally gruesome.   It is time for action; your ‘talk’ has been cheap as it relates to child welfare, crime and violence in this Country.  Quite frankly I tire to hear the ineffective ramblings coming from our Leaders on each death against our children.

Parents have a right yes to raise their children in the right and proper fashion.  However, when they repeatedly fail to do so, the Government must step in and take over.    By take over I mean, your one too many will remain one too many for a designated period of time ie 10 years.  If you can provide proof that you are equipped mentally, emotionally and spiritually to raise a family, there will be room for adjustment to the sentence.  Yes ‘sentence’…………..while you think that is harsh/draconian, think about the death of those children. 



Whip child killers and rapists, Islamic Council says

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, April 26, 2015     


The house that was burnt in Riversdale on Friday.

AS the heinous murders and attacks against the nation’s children continue to escalate, the Islamic Council of Jamaica believes that it is time for the Government to introduce stricter measures in order to clamp down on the brutal crimes.

One of the suggestions made by the Council is for there to be public beating and humiliation of some of the island’s criminals who continue to rape and attack citizens, especially the nation’s youth.

“You might want to say that what Islam prescribes is barbaric, but when a man rapes a woman or girl, that is an extremely heinous crime in Islam,” said Al Hajj Mekaeel Maknoon, acting president of the Islamic Council of Jamaica, in an exclusive interview with the Jamaica Observer.

“What Islam normally prescribes in those circumstances is that the persons are beaten,” he stated.

He said that the Holy Qur’an prescribes 100 lashes in public.

The calls from the Council’s heirarchy comes a day after the island was left mourning the death of another of its children, this time a 12-year-old girl in Riversdale, St Catherine.

The child, Jameila Johnson, also known as ‘Zella’, a student of the Harewood Primary School in St Catherine, was brutally murdered and her body dumped in bushes close to a river near her home in Williamsfield, near Riversdale in the parish, on Friday.

There were unconfirmed reports yesterday that the child was pregnant.

Describing the act as heinous and brutal, the Muslim community’s top man said that it was his belief that if the punishment is not effective, then the commission of the crime will escalate.

Asked if he believed that local authorities would introduce that form of punishment, Maknoon said:

I believe that if the consciousness continue to be ‘you know we ready to do the time so we going do the crime, we need to make it unprofitable, you need to make it onerous, for the persons to rape or murder. If it is not onerous then they will never stop it,” said Maknoon.

“It is a question for us to review the way in which we deal with certain things and to simply dismiss certain punishment as barbaric. I don’t think that is intelligent.”

He said that the Government needs to look at what is happening … look at the detrimental effect that crime was having on the community and how it was escalating, over the long term.

Maknoon said that the Government needs to make a judgment call to look at whether the approach would be inherently good or bad, and then work on the legislation.

According to the Ministry of Education, the child’s parents reported that she went missing last Tuesday night after she asked her grandmother for toilet tissue and proceeded to the outdoor pit latrine.

When she did not turn up several hours later, a search was launched. Three days later the partially decomposed body of Johnson was found in bushes.

On Friday, a group of angry residents, after learning about the little girl’s death, went to her family’s house and set the structure on fire. The child’s mother and grandmother were also attacked by the mob and had to be escorted from the community by the police.

The group claimed that it was neglect by the family that led to the child’s death.

Due to the attack, reporters did not get a chance to speak to members of Jameila’s family.

Since January, two underaged girls have suffered similar fates.

Santoya Campbell, a 14-year-old Westmoreland girl, went missing on January 26 and her body was found two days later, stuffed in garbage bags under a bridge.

According to grief-stricken relatives, Santoya, who was a grade eight student of Frome Technical High School, did not reach school after leaving her home early the morning that she went missing. Following a post-mortem it was found out that Santoya was pregnant.

Similarly, another 14-year-old girl, identified as Kayalicia Simpson of St Thomas, was hacked to death and her mutilated body dumped metres from her house on March 3. Police reported that about 5:00 am that day, the grade eight student went outside her house as she prepared for school. About half-an-hour later her body was found lying face down in bushes close to the one-room wooden structure in which she lived.

Like Santoya, a post-mortem report revealed that Kayalicia was pregnant.

And last week three 14-year-old Clarendon boys were held up at gunpoint and shot dead by criminals execution-style.


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