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To go through this journey called life with no mishaps, even crisis I opine is a rather dull experience.  Then again, excitement in high definition I call life.  Experiences whether negative or positive in which you can learn, grow, and yes surpass without shame is truly inspiring.  Just try to imagine living in a boy’s home and one day you are told you will be going on a 10 days trip to France with Yohan Blake, elite international star athlete. Can you imagine their excitement, thrill and amazement of it all?  A grown ass adult as myself would be jumping up and down, screaming and declaring blessed to the max at such an offer.  I do believe even the iceberg melts at some point in time.

Notwithstanding the scare and pandemonium on July 12 in France, they were safe.  Memories were undoubtedly made not to be forgotten.  The opportunity to travel and see the world is one of the greatest exposure one can derive.  It is one thing to surf the internet, read and watch events via television.  An entirely different experience if you are able to land on another country’s soil, feel, and touch, see the culture taking nothing for granted while at the same time being thankful.  Thankful for the opportunity, being a product of the possibility that says regardless of your circumstances it is……………………….


Boys’ home residents return from Yohan Blake’s France trip

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, July 24, 2016 | 3:20 PM

The five boys who returned to Jamaica on July 18 from their 10-day trip to France, looks at display of Yohan Blake.

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) – The five boys from the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Walderston, Manchester, are back in the island after their 10-day trip to France, courtesy of Yohan Blake’s YB Afraid Foundation, and his French business partner, Richard Mille.

One of the boys had created a design, which was used by Mille on his new sports car.

Mitchell* who created the chosen design said they went to the Le Mans Classic car race track, where they saw his design on the car.

“It was pretty amazing. We weren’t able to see the car race though because of the time, but the experience was good,” he said.

“Words cannot really explain what Mr Mille and the YB Afraid Foundation have done for me,” said another boy,  while  the youngest in the group said he enjoyed watching the fireworks in Paris.

Yohan Blake, noted world sprinter, left the island with the boys on July 6, but had to  return  a few days before them, leaving them in the care of their Home chaperone and the YB Afraid team.  The boys returned home on July 18.

Blake said that he was happy to travel with them and experience some of the things they mentioned.

“We went straight to unveil the Richard Mille car that the boy’s design was on, as soon as we arrived. It was very exciting for them and even for me. Richard had asked to see what the boy could do and he liked the design he made, so Richard decided to use it. They weren’t able to watch the races, but they got a chance for a driver to take them around the track,” he said.

Blake said he plans to do similar visits with wards from other Homes that the YB Afraid Foundation has adopted, as this could encourage the boys and girls in the other Homes to do well and stay focused.

“When you take five boys and show them the world, they go back and tell the others and they will want to behave and do well, so they can get an opportunity to go as well,” he said.

*Boy’s first name withheld

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