Will This ‘JAHAMERICAN’ Be Deported?????

At the age of 5 it appears this Jamaican landed on US soil. What was she exposed to as a child resulting in her becoming a prolific criminal and lived such a life now as a ‘baby boomer’?

Couldn’t she have applied and qualified for Amnesty decades ago?  There were many Jamaicans who regularised their status arising from Amnesty during Bill Clinton’s Presidency.

I hope the US does not start deporting Jamaican born residents who  have lived in their country for a minimum of 15 years legal or otherwise; we cannot cope with the influx. 



Woman believed to be a Jamaican brought to US illegally in 1969 held by federal immigration officials

(Jamaica Gleaner)Saturday | December 5, 2015 | 11:08 AM
BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut (AP):

A New York City woman whom authorities believe was illegally brought to the US from Jamaica as child in 1969 has been taken into custody by federal immigration officials after being sentenced to probation in a Connecticut passport fraud case.

Prosecutors say 55-year-old Suzanne Bent of the Bronx was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Bridgeport, then detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for immigration proceedings.

Authorities say Bent applied for a US passport in Stamford in 2013 with fraudulent documents.

She pleaded guilty to passport fraud in July.

Prosecutors say she has a lengthy criminal record.

A judge also ordered Bent to pay about $76,000 in restitution for illegally receiving that amount in Social Security benefits.

Bent’s lawyer didn’t immediately return a message Friday.


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