Will Jamaican Doctors Hit The Streets? – I Daresay They Will Not – A Different Breed Than The British I Daresay!!!!

‘Wat a singting if fi wi doctor dem was to tek up placard’.   Don’t hold your breadth.  I speak of this far too often.  ‘False pride’ I believe is at the root why those who should take to the Streets do not, and well just say others have no problem with decrying ‘We  wan justise’ for every pebble dropped. Have I ever demonstrated? Yes, twice in my life.  Once in high school and the other on the sidewalks of Kingston.  On both occasions I was extremely pissed re the issues to say the least.

Why would Jamaicans who contribute the most, are law abiding and disgruntled not demonstrate as we see the Doctors in London doing?  I will say this, it is not that we are not passionate about what we believe is an injustice but is simply this………………..you want me to say it; you really want me to say it.   It is the false sense of importance, false sense of what is above and what is beneath.  The false idea that only a certain class take to the Streets.  The false idea that your ‘peeps’ who you live for and who you live to please will see you on the road side chanting.  When you sit, complain and talk among yourselves comparing our Island to those First World Countries, ensure that all the issues are equal and look within then speak honestly about who we are as a people and culture.

United we stand divided we fall.  We do a remarkable job at being divided.


Thousands of doctors rally in London over pay

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, October 17, 2015 | 1:53 PM     

 (Photo: The Guardian)

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — Thousands of doctors protested over pay and working conditions in London on Saturday in a growing row between Britain’s medical profession and the government.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt plans to reclassify the normal working week of junior doctors to include Saturdays and late evenings, a move critics say would mean pay cuts of up to 30 percent due to the loss of extra payments for working unsociable hours.

Huge crowds gathered in Whitehall, where government offices are located, to listen to speakers decry the move.

Protesters dressed in medical scrubs chanted “Hunt must go” and “Not safe, not fair, Jeremy doesn’t care”.

“The outpouring of anger and frustration we have seen from thousands of junior doctors across the UK, culminating in today’s unprecedented gathering in London, must be a wake-up call for ministers,” said Johann Malawana, the head of the British Medical Association’s junior doctors’ committee, said in a statement.

“If they thought that junior doctors would simply accept their threats of imposition they have been proved very wrong.”

Neither the BMA nor London police could provide a figure for the number of people at the rally, although media reports said 20,000 people attended the demonstration.

Hunt says the changes, which would only apply to doctors in England, would boost patient care by making it affordable for hospitals to put more doctors on weekend rosters and would benefit doctors by reducing their weekly working hours.

Doctors would be compensated for losing extra pay for working unsociable hours by an increase in basic pay.

“I think it is incredibly disappointing, the way that the BMA has misrepresented the government’s position,” Hunt told the BBC.

The BMA is preparing to ballot its members for a potential strike on the issue, while Hunt has urged doctors to return to the negotiating table.


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