Wi Dun Now, Woiieeee – Nuh Ratings – Gunnman Shot Up Hunts Bay Police Station

The sorrel and nyamings barely dun, and the cowboys have come out blazing.  Oops not cowboys, but one lone cowboy.  What did I say about top brass and high command in the JCF????  Still think it can be business as usual following on the same path of the former Police Commissioner?

When a gun man can walk into a heavily trafficked station as Hunts Bay, I guess half of the story will never be told. What we do know is that region is a busy thoroughfare and something better gives before the New Year.  This is an onslaught and we need some terrorists thinking leadership to take hold and deal with the crisis at hand.  From all accounts, the criminals are not backing down while the JCF cries foul from behind a desk.

Stop hold media briefings until oono restore law and order on the Roc!!!!  Oono have no time to talk, this is combat; ACT, talk when it is over!!!!!


Gunman strikes at Hunts Bay Police Station

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday, December 28, 2016 | 2:02 PM 44 comments

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police have confirmed that there was a shooting at the Hunts Bay Police Station in Kingston a short while ago.

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said police are currently on the scene and are diverting traffic from the area.

While CCU was unable to provide further information, reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that a man entered the compound and opened gunfire.

Unconfirmed reports are also that at least two people have been shot.

The police have not yet released the identity of the attacker.

Investigations are ongoing.

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