Who Stands In Solidarity With Those Affected – Bad Gas Saga Continues!!!!

JGRA total hog wash I say.  Your vote was 21 in favour to 19 who opposed a shut down for 8 hours to the public.  Since you have such autonomy over us, why don’t the 21 shut down for 21 days and see how many remains haughty.

Since you are standing in solidarity with those stations that have been shut down, why not take it a step further and reveal what it is you believe you have in terms of proof that your trade has not crippled the public in these harsh economic times.   If it is the Government is culpable by means of entry and you all are just sitting ducks in this whole affair, speak the truth. The public, your customers deserve the truth. Instead what we have is mumble jumble and a set of haughty retailers that are crying about their reputation. Were you not concerned about your reputation before this saga got blown right into the media? Were you not aware of the complaints that were coming in? As a matter of fact, have you been aware of ‘shady’ operations in your trade whether it starts with government or elsewhere?

I find it amusing that the JGRA are now coming full speed ahead with threats of shut down with their unanimous vote of 21 to 19. Oh, lest I forget out of the goodness of their hearts and sterling reputation, they have decided against this. Why?????? concern for their customers. The said customers who have been bemoaning to them that the source of their malfunctioning vehicles at a hefty cost was due to ‘bad gas’. Bloody hypocrites, I say.

For years, we have suffered inferior petrol, but were often told that our cars needed servicing and the usual ‘bag of crap’. You no longer get the same mileage per gallon and I have lamented this amongst my circle who have also conferred that it appears as if the gas is watered down. Any way you flip it, customers have been dissatisfied with the quality of petrol for a long time. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Guess what? This is JA, not one blasted thing will come out of this as usual and it is the fault of US the customers. We have allowed the powers of be to ‘screw’ us over time and time again, but you know something you never know the day when the ‘autoclapse’ will land. The law can be manipulated and argued based on interpretation and the best presenter it often times appears to reign supreme. However, fire, earthquake, hurricane only has one interpretation when it sets out to damage, and that can be one of total destruction. There is another kind of law when man’s law continually fails to give justice to those deserving of such.



Plans to disrupt gas trade put on hold

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, January 21, 2016    

 The ‘bad gas’ affair might well not be new.

PLANS to disrupt the gasolene retail trade next Wednesday were yesterday put on hold despite a majority vote by the membership of the Jamaica Gasolene Retailers’ Association (JGRA), who said their reputation has been sullied by the bad gas saga.

The gas retailers were planning to close their pumps for eight hours, but later came to an agreement that the action be deferred pending the outcome of the report of the petroleum trade reform committee set up by the Government. That report is due by January 31.

President of the JGRA Leonard Green put forward the motion at yesterday’s crucial five-hour emergency general meeting of the retailers to which representatives of taxi associations, haulage contractors and other public transportation groups were invited to air the issues surrounding the ongoing bad gas scandal and arrive at a unanimous position.

The decision to stand in solidarity with those whose pumps were closed late December, and signal to the Government and the marketing companies the retailers’ rejection of the ruined reputation and financial blow taken by them over the bad gas crisis, was agreed on at a managing committee meeting earlier this week. The plan was to close pumps at all membership sites for at least one eight-hour shift on January 27.

 “The matter of stewardship, of quality, [and] of the integrity of the trade goes straight to our bottom line. It was felt by the committee that the JGRA and all retailers in Jamaica should make a clear statement of our support for the preservation of the integrity of the trade, as a sign that we will not support any untoward business, contamination, or any other activity that is going to hurt the trade. All of us have suffered, whether you lost volume or not,” Green told the meeting yesterday.

He stressed that the aim was not to take the public by surprise, and therefore it was thought prudent to give a clear week’s notice to motorists before taking any action.

Twenty-one hands went up in favour of the action, while 19 said no. “It’s ridiculous to do something like that,” one dealer said. “[It would be] to deprive ourselves of income in this time, deprive our customers and inconvenience the customers again”.

“I’m not sure if we are doing it the right way,” another said, while another retailer said while he agreed with sending a strong signal, “By closing the stations for a shift or for a day at this stage, we are letting the culprits who took the bad products in here off the hook”.

Others, like the Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators director Edgerton Newman, strongly backed the proposal pledging his organisation’s full support to the JGRA.

A resolution was reached to push the Government to, among other things, fully equip the Bureau of Standards Jamaica to enable a 24-hour turnaround time for testing, and for all products to be tested aboard the vessels they arrive on; lower the tax on diesel; and set up a one-stop shop for licensing of service stations. The retailers have also asked for a three-year licensing regime.

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