Where Is The Shame – Man Bites Principal Penis In The Name Of Justice

At times I wish these stories were non-fictional, unfortunately they are as real as they come.  I struggle to find the humour in this and while everyone is entitled to representation, I would throw this case out if I were the Judge.  I truly believe in a country as Jamaica where serious cases are lingering in back-logs, we have the ridiculous and down right time wasters passing through our Courts taking up valuable time that should be allocated to others.  What am I saying?  Let me make it very clear, my thoughts.

When you put yourself in certain positions and make assumptions, tek wey u get.  Yesssssss those taking the moral ground can balk about discrimination, phobias, excessive, cruelty and the likes.   Do you remember the case of Lorena Bobbit in 1994 who cut off the penis of her husband?  Her husband people lest we forget.  The case rocked the world and there were many men I dare say who walked around with their hands firmly affixed protecting their privates.  This case below according to the principal was robbery of his motor vehicle.  When have you ever heard a man attempting to rob a motor vehicle and in the process bites the penis of the supposedly victim?  Give me a break.  I tend to believe the defendant’s story and with that said, you should be fortunate your penis was not cut off as in the case of Lorena Bobbit’s husband.  Fling out di case your judgeship!!!!!!!

Man who allegedly attacked principal, bit penis granted bail

(Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | May 20, 2016 | 8:01 AM

The man who allegedly bit a school principal on his penis in Portmore, St Catherine has been granted bail in the amount of $200,000. 

The Portmore resident is charged with wounding with intent and larceny of a motorcar.

The St Catherine Parish Court heard yesterday that the accused injured the school principal, as he attempted to rob the educator of his motorcar.

A report was made to the police and the man was subsequently arrested and charged by the police.

In applying for bail, the man’s attorney, Ernest Smith, told the court that his client was only “defending his integrity” when the incident occurred.

According to Smith, the school principal was a mentor to his client and took the accused for drinks.

Smith said instead of driving home his client afterwards, the principal forced himself onto the accused.

To protect his dignity, Smith said the 24-year-old man also used a knife to stab the complainant.

He said it was only after the principal jumped from the car that the accused took control of the vehicle and in the process the educator was hit.

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