Where Is Jungle Justice When You Need It???

Quote all the scriptures that you wish.  I strongly opine not all killings are murders and each case must be dealt with accordingly.  I ask the question again…………where was jungle justice in this matter??

I would like you to read this piece slowly and try to visualise the series of events.  While you are doing so, envision also you being the female being chopped to death with your teenage daughter if you have one, friend, family member or church sister being raped by this evil freak called man. You tell me that at 9.30am, sun hot like ‘whoa’ and this freak of nature decided to ‘go pon im bicycle’ and terrorize decent people.  ‘Mek mi tell oon summen, stop waste tax payers money wid court house.  Fine disya beast an deal wid im propa an sen a message to all di odder freak of natures wey it seem like sey duppy tan up ina dem, or whatever blood dem a drink or evil dem a mess wid; wi di people ago skin dem alive suh dem betta go a sea an bathe aff demself and relax dem brain’. 

We must deal with these kind of crimes with the same vicious and callousness as executed by the perpetrators.  We are too bloody soft in rendering punishment. 


St Ann teen raped, woman chopped to death 

(Jamaica Observer)Wednesday, June 24, 2015 | 8:43 AM      

 ST ANN, Jamaica – A machete-wielding attacker chopped a woman to death Tuesday then raped the teen she was travelling with.

Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that 27-year-old Melika Smith and a 17-year-old girl were walking along the Barrett Hall parochial road in St Ann about 9:30 am when they were attacked by a man on a bicycle.

The 17-year-old reportedly ran and hid in bushes while the man chopped Smith several times.

He then went in search of the teen and allegedly raped her before fleeing the scene. 

Both females were taken to hospital where Smith succumbed to her injuries.

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