Where Has The Love Gone??? – Verdict Reached……………….

We know there are women who are attracted to the ‘thug’ men.  The ones who have more than a temper challenge and act the fool more often than necessary.  You know the types that constantly go around believing they are being ‘dissed’.  The ones who will outline to you from inception that if you do not follow their rules, they will terminate your life.  Yet they pursue the relationship which can end in marriage, common-law living resulting in children.  Domestic violence has been around from time memorial and the reasons for staying in such relationships are pretty much the same then and now.  It begs the question, which no shrink, or therapist can solve and that is.  How do we get to murder when there is no evidence of monetary gain at stake?

Domestic violence resulting in death on the Island especially between none married couples often times we hear the woman wanted out of the relationship.    There is talk about men investing in women, and they will not accept her walking away just like that much less infidelity on her part.  How much money is really worth a life in prison when one takes that route?  Are we to deduce that these men are plain evil or is it they are totally insane?   Those who do not commit murder/suicide do they believe they will never be caught and so their reaction to being disrespected if that is the case, must result in them committing murder?  For those who commit murder/suicide are we to accept that they were born evil or their growth pattern developed into evil and as such their philosophy is one in which they are comfortable in committing that act?  Does that belief system make them insane or just plain evil?

It cannot be normal for a man or woman to take the life of their spouse/partner because of infidelity or that one wants to end the relationship.  Where is it coming from that people believe they OWN each other and cannot live without another when the turbulence begins to manifest?  Where is it coming from that a woman or man, believes with children or none in the relationship they are NOTHING if one walks, so might as well end a life?  Is it that we are living for the opinions of others?  Is it that we are wearing a false sense of shame because of others validation or none validation of us?  Why should it matter to others if your relationship fails or not?  Why should it matter to others if your spouse/partner was unfaithful to you?  Why should it matter to you if others think as a man you are too soft on your woman, and you should control her more so as not to be ‘dissed’?  Why do you as a woman struggle in your relationship because it matters to you what others say about you?

Is there anyway one can protect themselves from getting involved with the wrong person?  What is required of ‘self’ so as to make choices that will not result in such brutality, desecration, defilement of one’s person?  I think it would be best to walk away or let the person go penniless, than to kill them because of the ‘flesh’.  We need to stop saying we love, and stop telling people we love them.  No love on Earth can result in the death of a spouse by one they once loved, or cared enough for to bring a child into this world.  Weakness is far more prevalent than strength and in cases like these I doubt the electric chair would make a drop of difference.

Once you live and strive for the opinions and validation of others, you would be surprised at the lengths people go, the choices they make in order to satisfy such.  Are you a natural born killer?

Life in prison

Businessman convicted for brutal 2012 murder of child’s mother

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, September 24, 2016     30 Comments

There are 10,600 foreigners from 157 countries in British prisons and they cost the British taxpayer nearly £400 million a year. (PHOTO: DAILY MAIL)

TREVOR Taffe, the businessman who was convicted for decapitating the 26-year-old mother of his child, Nicole Heron in 2012, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Home Circuit Court yesterday.Taffe, who was represented by attorney Keith Bishop, was sentenced by Justice Evan Brown, who recommended that he serve 20 years before he is eligible for parole.

A seven-member jury found the businessman guilty on July 19 after hearing the evidence.

During the trial, the prosecution led evidence that Heron visited Taffe’s home in Havendale, St Andrew, on April 3, and when she could not be located later her family filed a missing person report with the police.

During a search at Taffe’s home, burnt articles of female clothing were found, as well as Heron’s decomposing body with several stab wounds floating in a septic pit.

The body was later identified by family members and through DNA.

Justice Brown, prior to handing down the sentence, said the murder was no ordinary killing and that Heron was savagely chopped before her head was severed. He said a section of her face was chopped and had wounds to her vagina.

Brown, while noting that the killing was premeditated, said that people who are animal lovers would not treat their animals like that.

Following the sentencing, Heron’s family members, who sat inside the courtroom anxiously awaiting the sentence, said that justice has been served.

“… It cannot give me back my sister, but I am giving thanks to know that at least we caught him and he will pay for the horrible crime he had committed against my sister,” a sibling of the deceased said.

“It was awful, but we still get justice and God is still with us,” said the mother of the deceased.

Taffe, a 52-year-old father of eight, maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

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