‘What A Piece A Shame Pon Di I Am Brilliant Politicians Dem’

Damion Crawford is a ‘one hit wonder’, plain and simple.   Based on his utterances since he took up representational politics, I am not one bit surprised at where he is standing. An invitation to St Vincent has caused him to act as if he just won an election and is now a Prime Minister.  Then again, he might believe he is one, in his make belief World and that we refer to as dreaming. Hold on to your dreams you have every right to as they will take hundreds of years maybe thousands to become a reality.

Quite frankly, ‘Crawford’ appears to be so ordinary that maybe it would be best for him to ‘be his own boss’.   After all with such academic brilliance creating the next Company to one day trade on Jamaica’s Stock Exchange or quite possibly the New York Stock Exchange may see his efforts on that venture last for more than a few years as representational politics is not his forte.

Senator Dr Angela Brown Burke, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This is what we have become. One Miss ‘Lashy’ that chose to get down like a real ‘butu’ taking on the youngster Damion Crawford. Yes……………I believe he is old enough to be your son.  The toddler that he appears to be based on his utterances, one would have thought that a grown woman as yourself would have refrained from responding to him. No that is too much to ask as leaders or not, many of you grown folks have taken to social media in like manner as ‘kids’. Looking and sounding like the fools you all are,  a social disgrace holding the title of Senator and Mayor.

If you wanted to deal with the ‘boy’ proper, you could have found a private forum in which to do so. You chose not to simply because you do not care about the ramifications as there will be none to the likes of you all roaming around as Politicians with certification. Respect is not given because of your academic achievements and who you know when you hit the Streets seeking votes. Then again, the majority of our people that vote really don’t give a damn if your behaviour publicly is one of a ‘sketel’.   Just another Politician that when I see on the TV, I will mute as no longer will I listen to a word either you or Damion Crawford have to say. My patience has run low and I can no longer tolerate the ‘niggerish’ behaviour of our Politicians or anyone calling themselves ‘Leader’.


PNP’s Brown Burke, Crawford take squabble to social media

(Jamaica Observer)Thursday, December 10, 2015 | 11:20 AM     114 Comments 

 Damian Crawford (left) and Angella Brown Burke

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Turmoil is growing between People’s National Party (PNP) vice-president, Senator Dr Angela Brown Burke and Damion Crawford, the state minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment.

The tension between the two, OBSERVER ONLINE has learnt, stems from Brown Burke’s objection to Crawford becoming the PNP’s standard-bearer in Trelawny North. But Brown Burke, in a radio interview last month, denied the claim.

On Thursday, Crawford, the nationally popular Member of Parliament for St Andrew East Rural who lost his bid to represent the party in upcoming parliamentary elections, added fuel to a raging fire.

Having been invited to St Vincent and the Grenadines by the ruling Unity Labour Party to address its youth rally ahead of the country’s December 9 general election, Crawford wrote the following on his Facebook page.

“Thank God Angela Brown Burke’s punishment never extended to St Vincent; up here nice,” he said.

But Brown Burke fired back saying: “Damion Crawford lef mi name alone. Ask Ralph if a nuh me tell him fi mek you come.”

Crawford replied, “Angela Brown Burke Ralph not even mention you as someone to say hello to…ur influence nuh pass William Grant Park.”

The squabble drew the attention of several users including former state minister in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Kern Spencer, who appealed to both comrades to bury the hatchet.

“Come on Damion Crawford and Angela Brown Burke. This cannot be the way. I went through hell and back and I hold no grudges. Let’s settle this!!!” he urged.

The outspoken Crawford last week tweeted: “It seems me and the party heading towards irreconcilable differences #prenup.”

Efforts to contact Brown Burke and  the party’s General Secretary Paul Burke were unsuccessful.

More later.



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