Wha Dis Affi Do Wid Wi??? – Wi Eat A Food From Way Ova Deh?????

U eva si mi dying trial?????  Wha really a gwaan in disya country.  A ton load a gun wey dem seize which was directly heading to Jamdown.  Published to reveal that the consignment was addressed to a former employee of a PNP councillor here on the Island.  Wi have human trafficking a tun up ina Ocho Rios.  Garbage caan collect cross di Island as dem claim nuh money nuh deh bout fi clean up people’s waste.  Den wi hear sey wi fi keep u yaard clean and get rid a garbage due to viruses wey mosquito love fi carry.  Nuh matter wey u do, try nuh bun no rubbish as dat wi caas odder problem.  Wi nuh ave nuh road fi drive pon yahso as di road dem from Negril to Morant Point look like how it used to ina di 1980’s-1990’s.  Wid all a wey wi a deal wid, Senate a ask question bout POTUS and Jerusalem now being the capital of Israel.

Do we have any trade agreement in that region?  Have we borrowed any money from that region?  Do we import even sweetie or chocolate from that region, let me break it down a bit?  Why should it be any business of ours, resulting in us having any opinion on that decision?  Tell me, is or was there some trade agreement in the pipeline?  Wi plan fi build one all-inclusive Muslim resort yahso?  Enlighten mi nuh!!  A fraid oonu fraid sey war ago start wid USA an oonu frequent flyer mileage ago cancel out.  I put it to you that we should be concerned about the war wey a gwaan yahso and the war of all wars pon dis yah Island wey ago wipe wi affa di map, if oono nuh deal wid oono own!!!!!!!  Any day this country is labelled a terrorist region especially like how Mr Mandeh is deemed such by US authorities after recently being extradited; none of us will be able to hop pon any plane fi visit family, friends or do business in a di USA.

You know something, it is one thing to fass ina your neighbours business when dem live next door to you.  It is entirely a different cup of tea fi fass in a people business wey u nuh know outside of TV and paper wey live outside of wey u 4 legs or motor vehicle can carry u.  Kiss mi rawtid teeth!!!!!!!!!!


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KD Knight seeks Jamaica’s position on Trump’s Jerusalem declaration

KD KnightKD Knight

Questions were raised in the Senate on Friday morning about the position of the Jamaican Government on the symbolic declaration by United States President, Donald Trump, that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

The declaration, made on Wednesday, has been condemned as “reckless” by several world leaders who argue that it will not do anything to advance the peace process between Israel and Palestine.

It has also resulted in protests across the Middle East, with more than 100 Palestinians said to be injured by the end of the day on Thursday.

When Opposition Senator, KD Knight, a former Foreign Affairs Minister, asked his Government counterpart, Senator Ruel Reid, who is the Minister of Information, what the position of the Jamaican government is, Knight was in turn asked by Acting President of the Senate, Aubyn Hill, whether the declaration by President Trump in fact represented a change.

Knight responded by telling Senator Hill that East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, and that the Trump declaration now makes all of Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state.

Senator Reid indicated that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, who is also the Leader of Government Business in the Senate, was off the island. He assured the Upper House that a response will be provided by next Friday.

Johnson Smith left the island on the weekend to attend the 106th Session of the Council of Ministers of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States. The meeting is being held in Brussels, Belgium.

A statement from her ministry said the meeting will, among other things, discuss development finance co-operation, trade in commodities, the status of EPA negotiations and implementation, and ongoing preparations for the ACP/EU post-Cotonou negotiations.

“These ACP meetings are important, as the Group continues to evaluate the impact on the economies of the member states of the trade in commodities, such as sugar and bananas; the implementation of the EPAs, and continue to establish the negotiating structure for the Cotonou successor arrangement,” Johnson Smith said.

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