Wey ZOSO (Zone Of Special Ops) Deh?????

Would you please stop running competition with who can print the MoBay ethnic cleansing faster……………Record high levels of arrivals the tourist capital has been sporting, with big smiles all around.  Wicked piece a flooding the capital experienced which shocked the majority across the Island.  Yet tourist still a come and from all reports, business quickly returned and Christmas was a success in the capital.

All dat a gwaan an people a drop dead by way of gun shots morning, noon and night as is reported.  What is the population in MoBay?  Let me tell you something.  Jamaicans are programmed to be horrified by atrocities for 48hrs then no more.  Nine day wonder of emotions are a thing of the past.  How about shutting down this level of organised crime which sees a set of criminals who are efficient at carrying out their mandate?  What happen we caan ave nuh undercover operations where police infiltrate the underground?  Ooono going to talk bout people watch too much TV and dat dis a nuh fareign but Jamaica.

Maybe we cannot inflitrate a ting as people mix and blend up.  If there is a will there is a way.  Our JCF appears to be dejected while the High Command continues with the administrative task of giving reports to the media of no motive, investigation continues.  The rest of us will have to do what is required to keep our sanity and wellbeing in check.  Becaas if u follow wey a gwaan wey dem love report, even u own shadow u ago fraid of.

If the government nuh intend to invest at least J$1 billion to bring some semblance of restoration within 18 months to this country, jus get di body bag dem an wait fi full dem up.  Dat nah go tek long.  In case you forget, how much did our citizens spend over the yuletide season pon di Roc?…………………..Billions, just under J$111 billion as reported in the Jamaica Gleaner on 23 December 2017.


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Two dead after drive-by shooting in Mobay

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, December 30, 2017 68 Comments

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police have confirmed that two unidentified males were killed in a supposed drive-by shooting in front of the Scotia Bank in Sam Square in Montego Bay, St James this morning.

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force was unable to provide details surrounding the incident and said investigators are still gathering information.

More information later.

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