We Have Gone Social Media Loco, Loony, Barmy!!!!!

The Roc has been bombarded with gruesome killings, the victims being women and children.  In particular to our teens and young females under the age of 25 is leaving many to speculate, as to the ‘why’.   To delve into the ‘why’ has to call for some hardcore soul searching as it relates to socialisation, environment, family and our moral compass.  With that in mind, the ‘why’ is not a one size fits all conclusion.  I therefore set my thoughts firmly on social media.  The role social media has been playing and is actively playing in the lives of our people.

Let me set the record straight.  Social media is not ‘ageist’.  If you think it is only our youths, millennials who are hooked on this internet craze.  Oh how removed you are from your own contribution to social media which I daresay has afflicted, inflicted and has become intrusive to your habit forming that you try to deny your ‘hook’.  Mi basically a tell u sey u deh pon di platform.  U a look pon did picture like everybody else an a compare, suss, or get u lickle belly laugh wen u choose.   That is all good and well.  My concern is the ability or not to differentiate between truth or not ie ‘fake news’.  What I find alarming, not interesting, alarming is the speed at which blow by blow information, graphic in nation followed up with voice notes are spread.  The conversations had within one’s circle quickly starts off by outlining that a fren of a fren sey dem know sey a did dis an a did dat.  We run with the scenarios casting judgement when the veracity of the source is never or hardly questioned.  This is the dilemma.

Photo manipulation is real.  The ole time saying, ‘show mi u company an mi tell who u be’ gives rise to being in a picture with a group and pretty much can become a victim to deadly gossip, maliciousness, or plain character assassination.  Social media has become likened in my opinion to the ‘Craig lists’ of today, the sites where the pervs, deviants troll.  Where the downright envious, bad mind, grudgeful, evil, frenemies true purpose is to seek their sick kind of entertainment by spreading lies.

I was shown 3 videos within a few hours in the space of 4 minutes by someone who received on their smartphone.  One I refused to watch due to the graphics, the other invoked feelings of anger in my being and the last one has left me still in shock.  So I asked the question, how are you receiving these videos?  Response……’u know sey a di watchman a sen mi dem like whoa, a suh it reach di phone, it pass on to mi.  Mi caan even keep up’.  Are they real I ask?  ‘Yes man, dem real, dah one yah did deh pon di news, u neva hear bout it?’.

Uptown, midtown, downtown, minimum wage, bruk pocket, high rollers, middle income……………………….social media is in the minds of the massive and to deny their reliance on what is true or not is where the concern lies for me.  The first instinct when one receives a video, voice note or picture is to forward.  The spread is way faster once you choose to forward.  Deleting after you have made a forward is more for your house cleaning purpose than questioning the authenticity.  The darker side of social media can reach you whether you want to believe or not.



‘RUMOURS DEM SPREADING’: Police say no friend of Shineka Gray implicated in her death

The police have sought to dispel rumours swirling around the murder of 15-year-old St James student, Shineka Gray, especially on social media, that a friend of the deceased was implicated in her murder.

In a release on Friday afternoon, the police said they were, “advising that no friend of the deceased has been implicated in any way in this gruesome act.”

Two men were on Thursday charged for the murder of the Green Pond High School student who went missing before her body was found.

The accused are 23-year-old Mario Morrison of Bamboo district, Hanover, and 31-year-old Gregory Roberts, a taxi driver of Maroon Town, St James.

The two men have been charged with murder following interviews with police investigators.

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