We Are Just Plain Nasty – Absolutely No Pride Outside Of Our Flossing!!!!

Whether it is the Range Rover, Morris Minot or better still Lada, straight through the car window the driver or passenger rubbish goes.  I have seen it with my own eyes.  I cannot even throw a piece of cotton ball through my car window regardless of how minute the article is.  There is something in my belly bottom that travels right up to my chest area that says ‘don’t even think about it’.  Yet it is a common assault for others from varying social and economic background to do so.

In the States I marvel how garbage is not only separated between plastics and non plastics by the householder, but the consistent schedule of collection by the relevant authorities.  In my own country on the Roc, neither can we have our garbage disposed of by any kind of schedule much less consistently, toppled with a people whose behaviour is no different from the trash they dispose.

How do we resolve this on both sides of the coin?  Firstly, are litter laws enforced and who is watching in order to enforce such?  Maybe we need to start there.  NSWMA……………singing the same sankey no recourses.   If management cannot come up with creative ways to fund this ‘pop down’ sector, then send every personnel home and outsource the organisation to a private firm and let them do proper disposals and all that comes along with it.  While they are it, they can begin to get some garbage trucks similar to the ones I saw on my travel to NYC (New York City) a few months ago along with drivers and side men who are clean, attired in uniform with an appearance that bares no resemblance to the rubbish they are collecting. 

Our pride is misplaced!!!!!!


Take personal responsibility, keep Jamaica clean – NSWMA head begs

(Jamaica Gleaner)Published:Wednesday | June 24, 2015
Colonel Daniel Pryce … while the NSWMA is to roll out an islandwide clean up programme in a matter of weeks, individuals have a role to play as well.

Head of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) Colonel Daniel Pryce is appealing to Jamaicans to take personal responsibility for the environment.

The NSWMA interim boss says persons must play their part in keeping the island clean.

Speaking on Power 106’s Independent Talk this morning, Colonel Pryce said while the NSWMA is to roll out an islandwide clean up programme in a matter of weeks, individuals have a role to play as well.

He says persons can help keep gullies and drains clean by properly disposing of plastic bottles and styrofoam containers.

 NSWMA boss, Colonel Daniel Pryce

Pryce says the NSWMA is currently spreading this message in schools and communities across the island.


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