War Zone – Wild Wild West On The Roc – Yet We Are In Denial Re Discharging The Military

Have no fear caas who is here???…………………do you know????  How much of a denial are you in with the elements we are dealing with on the Roc?  White collar tief, blue collar tief and the plain psychotic tief.  All roaming around seeking to conn, rob and kill those of us who are trying to LIVE.

Do you know what it is to drive around the streets of Kingston on the last business day of a month end?  Constant Spring being a busy thoroughfare is an understatement.  I missed the whole catastrophe as I was adamant that I had to get to a particular destination by 3.00pm, so as to avoid traversing that very spot.  What if I got caught up?  Let me quickly get that thought out of my brain.  Can you try to get a vivid impression of this scene?  Who is fearful of who in this case?  Once upon a time a police could say put your hands behind you and there was least resistance.  Demya time yah, the coot dem a disarm police an a shoot dem.  So you tell me what is the plan of action?  This is not the first time a policeman is being disarmed.  Tragically this officer lost his life due to multiple shots directed for the kill.  To the powers of be, do you still intend to continue fighting crime as if you are dealing with some ‘softers’ who are going to beg, bawl and plead with the police for mercy?  Does it have to be one of your family member’s for the powers of be to stop pussy footing and begin to implement draconian measures to deal with the merciless killers we have on the Island?

If you are told once to drop it and you resist, a stunt gun should be used on you, followed by a search and handcuff.  Continue to do what you are doing and watch the loss of lives of the police, and wonder in amazement why they are resigning from the force with those rushing to sign up being zero.

Human rights voice is so deafening I can hardly hear a peep out of them.

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Cold-blooded! Suspect disarms cop, uses gun to kill him

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, April 29, 2017 58 Comments

A police officer removes crime scene tape from the scene of the brutal murder of his colleague on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew, after gathering evidence yesterday.

Minutes after the 29th Commissioner of Police George Quallo was sworn in, a policeman was killed execution-style on Constant Spring Road in the vicinity of Merl Grove High School in St Andrew.

Reports from the police are that their colleague was responding to a call regarding suspicious men on premises on Constant Spring Road when he was shot in the head, back and chest.

Superintendent Mevrol Smith, who is in charge of crime for the Area Four Police Division, told the Jamaica Observer that approximately 3:50 pm the policeman, whose identity has not yet been released, and another colleague responded to a call that took them out of their police district.
According to Smith, the now deceased cop attempted to arrest the suspect, however, the suspect, who was allegedly resisting arrest, managed to disarm the policeman and shot him several times.
The superintendent said members of the Jamaica Defence Force and a private security company saw what was happening and intervened. The suspect allegedly pointed the gun at the soldiers and was subsequently shot.
He was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment.
He, too, has not yet been identified.
Meanwhile, chairman of the Police Federation Sergeant Raymond Wilson, while condemning the incident, expressed condolence to the policeman’s family and colleagues.
The incident caused major traffic pile-up in the Corporate Area, forcing some motorists to drive on the sidewalk.
While speaking at his installation ceremony at Police Officers’ Club in St Andrew yesterday, Commissioner Quallo emphatically stated that while he understands that, in certain circumstances, the use of force is the only option for his colleagues, he will not condone the flippant use of deadly force.
“We all can agree that the issues of use of force and people’s rights are contentious ones,” the commissioner said.
He acknowledged that there are particular situations that will require use of force, especially against hardened criminals. “Yes, at times, the police will, of necessity, respond with deadly force,” he said and vowed to “vigorously” defend his colleagues when they have no option but to use justifiable force to protect themselves and the lives of citizens.
Quallo said: “I will vigorously defend you… I make no apologies for taking this principled position [but] let’s, be clear, I will not stand for, or defend any of you, my colleagues, who wantonly abuse the rights of the citizens we are sworn to serve, protect, and reassure. I am under no illusion that the task of dealing with crime is easy. It requires a dedicated and competent work force.”
Up to press time, the police had not released an official statement on the incident.
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