Usain Bolt – Racism & Classism in JA – Keep Your Head Up!!!

Now that you are a Billionaire you can share your reality on the Roc without fear or recrimination. Welcome to being a born Jamaican on the Roc. This is our Island. The motto is just that, a motto ‘out of many one people’. Racism, ‘shadeism’ and classism make this Island tick. This is nothing new, what is new is that we have our dark skinned, best of the best, famous in every Continent in the World.  Greatest track and field athlete ever over 100 and 200 meters speak of his personal experience on this issue with no ‘gravy’ to cover it up.

To say otherwise is bordered on not hypocrisy, but lies. You think you have money; you can acquire what your money can afford you to, yet the roadblocks still amount. The roadblock to acceptance. This will never happen as with ‘white supremacy’ in the United States and elsewhere, on the Island there are those who believe that once your breeding is not of a certain hue, you must return to the fields. How dare you live where I live much less in a house larger than my own? How dare you own so many toys and you are just a ‘meager black ass boy’ who got lucky in life? Yes, that is how they rant and there should be no surprises. Infidelities outside of the marriage that produces children are referred to as the ‘bastards’ and ‘outside pickney’.

What is tragic is that this sense of superiority due to ones ‘shade’ is even being perpetuated by the very said ones who are considered ‘bastards’ if they happen to have the same shade as those claiming superior status. This all continues because of a need to be accepted.

Usain Bolt, you have the fame, fortune and still got talent. One can only hope you undertake the path or journey unto personal development, truly knowing who you are. Recognising there is a supreme being that accepts you as you are and no other person’s acceptance is any form of validation. You have the resources and experiences to motivate others as long as you know who you are. With your wealth the very same ones will seek endorsements from you, would seek to use your fame and fortune for their own purposes. If you do not know who you are you can believe in some foolish way that you are now being accepted.   They will never accept you or any other person on the Roc who is not from their social background or lineage.   You are in poll position to decline certain invitations and to never seek affirmation or acceptance from those who wish you were an unknown.

Only personal development will equip you with the tools you need to identify those persons who surround and weed out the opportunists, manipulators and down right evil irrespective of the shade of their skin. You do not need the ‘upper crust’ in Jamaican society, you are a one man ‘upper crust’ on the global level.  Know, recognize and accept that. Enjoy your life with those who love the Usain Bolt without the money and develop healthy relationships with the right people locally and globally. While you live on the Roc, do not become a victim of small Island thinking and small Island link up. Spread your wings as a true Jamaican and give God all the praise for your accomplishments.

One love!!!!



Usain Bolt beating classism and racism in Jamaica

(Jamaica Gleaner) Monday | January 25, 2016 | 6:19 AM
Usain Bolt says the “strong badmind” displayed by some members of Jamaica’s upper class was contrasted by the positive reactions of ordinary Jamaicans. 

Jamaica’s sporting star Usain Bolt has admitted that he has faced “strong” levels of classism and racism from Jamaica’s upper class throughout his rise as a global athletics icon.

The multiple world and Olympic record holder recalled how he was left ‘shocked’ by the reactions of neighours when he moved into an upscale St Andrew apartment complex. 

“Especially when I started out. It was more shocking than anything else. That was how I ended up buying my house,” Bolt told journalist Ian Boyne during the personality programme, Profile on Television of Jamaica, Sunday.

“I was living in a complex and I had issues with a few of the lighter-skinned people. I used to live near a lawyer and when I moved in, he said to me ‘be careful, they don’t like to see young people strive,’.”

“When it started happening to me, I had to rush and build my house. A lot of them, because dem go school and work years and years fi reach, and me jus come up and because of sports mi get everything, dem nuh happy.”

The 29-year-old said the “strong badmind” displayed by some members of Jamaica’s upper class was contrasted by the positive reactions of ordinary Jamaicans.

The ghetto yutes dem and everybody else love me and happy fi si me,” noted Bolt who earned more than $2 billion in 2015.

Bolt’s admissions come several months after a rant from entertainer Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques, who criticised him as a neighbour in upper St Andrew, renewing a national discussion on the impact of class and colour.

Jinx had posted on social media: “Between the bikes… loud, horrid music, parties and screams, I honesty wish he would go back to where he came from. He is a horrible neighbour. I cannot wait to move.”

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Jinx later apologised.

It’s widely held that Jamaica has unsettled social class issues, largely the inheritance of the British colonialism. 

“People look at things as you’re coming up and you’re building yourself and a lot of people do not want to see that. It’s just life,” said Bolt who hails from Sherwood Content in rural Jamaica,

“I’ve learnt to just understand that not everybody is gonna appreciate what you have done. ”


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