Update – Wow – Was It Worth It – The Husband Did It – Guilty!!!!!

Guilty verdict for the husband, a long time coming.  For many getting married is one of the happiest days of their lives and on that day sheer love in expression, different kinds of emotion is seen without embarrassment by covering up.  Raw emotions of love emanating from both parties usually bring tears of joys to the loved ones witnessing.   Let us fast forward to when the honeymoon period ends.  As I would like to say ‘wen u begin to du life, or life start fi do u’. 

How do you know or when do you start to think that this person who you love or once loved is capable of ending your life? Does such a thought ever cross your mind? Are their warnings, red flags? How do you get to 74 years old and the death you face are not from natural cause, sudden death due to illness rather sudden death due to the one you once loved. The one who you planned to spend the rest of your life with until death do you part. Not the death by their hands ofcourse. How do family members, children if any process this kind of demise? Are we now to accept that as human emotions evolve more often than not, as much as you love, for whatever sick reason, you can hate even more resulting in you plotting to kill the one who shared your bed, your pain, your joys and all that is expected when you ‘love’.

We hear often that money can lead to such a fate, good ole greed. We hear that obsession; jealousy also can play a role in the demise. I am stuck at the age though. What kind of animal, or better still what kind of spirit possessed you so that caused you to end the life of your 74 year old wife? To inveigle ‘schoolers’ to play a part in such evil is shattering. As a people we flip from love to hate, love to obsession, love to greed, love to jealousy, we have developed a propensity to cruelty of the worst kind. Blind love is not one I dialogue about, I truly believe in self awareness leading you to awareness of others. Never putting mere flesh above yourself. Never mistake giving up self for compromise. Never mistake when the end of the road is at hand versus persevering through what no human being should persevere. Knowing and recognizing evil when it starts to unveil itself and doing your best to be one step ahead of the enemy that sleeps in your bed.

Sad story and one that makes you think and face the reality. The reality that not everyone who makes it to 3 scores and 10 will have attained peace. I doubt there was any peace in this lady’s life leading up to her death by the hands of the man she once loved. A lesson in life we all can learn.



St Ann businessman Bertram Clarke and his co-accused, Arthur Robinson, were this afternoon convicted in the Home Circuit Court of the murder of Clarke’s wife.

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | March 15, 2016 | 6:39 PM

The jury retired for almost three hours before returning the guilty verdict.

Sentencing has been scheduled for April 21.

A social enquiry report was ordered by senior puisne judge Gloria Smith. 

On the night of October 26, 2007, 74-year-old Florist Clarke was found at the couple’s home in Watt Town, St Ann with her head bashed in and her throat slashed.

She was taken to hospital where she died.

The Crown, represented by Senior Deputy  Director of Public Prosecutions Lisa Palmer Hamilton, led evidence that her husband plotted with two schoolboys from a high school in the parish to carry out the murder. 

Then a schoolboy, Robinson and another schoolmate, Emanuel Newland, were implicated in the killing.

Newland pleaded guilty and is now serving a 15-year sentence. 

In the meantime, the judge excused the 12 members of the jury from serving for the next 10 years.

In her closing remarks, she pointed out that the jury had served for a prolonged period.

The murder trial started on November 9, 2015, had several adjournments in December and ended today.

It was also held up because Donald Bryan, the Legal Aid-assigned attorney for Robinson went overseas in the middle of the trial and was available for several days.

Smith thanked the jury for what she said was their sense of service to their country.

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