Unity For A ‘Movement’ Bigger Than Self – Damion Crawford, Peter Blake, Imani Duncan-Price

The United States of America is in the middle of campaign fever. The likes of Bernie Saunders and Hillary Clinton vying for the democratic nomination remain interesting. On the Republican side you have Billionaire Donald Trump whose f…..bombs and p…..bombs seem to delight the crowds, what will they have next?

On the Roc we are experiencing a campaign like carnival with the ruling PNP canvassing the ground and the Opposition Party pooling their energy in a debate which we may or may not have.

In all the hoopla, I maintain that politics is not for the faint of hearted. Apparent strife, division, down right crudeness, the rise and fall of ‘one hit wonders’ left many believing that rebounding from such fracas was surely not going to come about in time for early General Elections by the PNP.   Here we have Damion Crawford, one of the most popular, talkative, opinionated youngsters ranked as a ‘one hit wonder’. Who would have thought he would have surfaced with the grapevine and propaganda chatter of his departure from the ‘Movement’? He has surfaced and by all accounts appears by his actions to be part of the PNP and genuinely so. To be knocked off your podium early on when youth is on your side can put you in poll position to be the best you can possibly become in a movement that is tailor made for a personality as Crawford’s. The ‘trick’ is to understand that greatness can come from ‘one hit wonders’ as long as personal development, respect for those who paved the way irrespective of personality traits is embraced. Being a mentee while being a mentor to someone else is possible. Practicing gratitude daily as your life is your own to chart and being open to learn from others regardless of their academic achievements.

Politics is not for the faint of hearted. If the intention is to serve then there is no way one can wallow in self pity and ‘tek wey demself’. Falling is always part of the process…………………….



Damion Crawford has a lot more left in him, says Portia

(Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | February 13, 2016 |
Damion Crawford. Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has said that Crawford is her son in whom she is well pleased. 

Hours after Damion Crawford declared “I shall return”, People’s National Party (PNP) president Portia Simpson Miller on Friday said she will ensure he has a bright political future.

“Comrade Damion Crawford is my son in whom I am well pleased”, Simpson Miller said.

“He has a lot more left in him to serve the People’s National Party and to serve the people of Jamaica and I will see to that”, she said.

The sidelined PNP member has joined forces with his old team in East Rural St Andrew in a bid to ensure the seat is retained in the upcoming general elections.

“I want to commend Comrade Peter Blake and Comrade Crawford for working with Comrade Imani in true PNP spirit”, she said.

Crawford was replaced as the PNP standard bearer for East Rural St Andrew in an internal election.

Peter Blake, the man who beat him in the run-off was not given the torch.

The job was instead given to Imani Duncan Price who, on February 25 will be running against Juliet Holness, the wife of Opposition JLP Leader Andrew Holesss.

“She is a young start in the People’s National Party. She is replacing another bright young star of the PNP”, Simpson Miller said of Duncan Price.

Yesterday, Crawford, dressed in a pair of blue jeans and white shirt joined Duncan Price and members of the campaign team on stage at a PNP Youth Rally, sending the people into a frenzy.

“Unity in PNP family”, Duncan Price, the PNP candidate said.

Despite his attempts to contain the crowd he was drowned out by the horns and vuvuzuela.

“Hol on. Wi nuh gone nuh weh. Wi deh yah same way”, Crawford said, pulling the popular Mavado song.

But before he could further speak, PNP president Portia Simpson Miller arrived and Crawford’s time at the microphone expired.

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