Uncle Sam Will Always Catch Up With You – Update On 61 Years Old Pamela Watson, Jamaican Florida Based Accountant Imprisoned On IRS Fraud

‘A dis u call shame. Datdeh picture a di stess out pop down look.  Wid di US millions dem she did tief wen she dress, she did tun up, up, up.  No sah wen u reach certain age u tink sey prison door close off to u.  Seeitdeh ur pleads by u attorney went on def ears an look how long u ago spen wey u en up’.

I often ask this question; at what stage does ‘greed’ consume the mind so that justification of wrongs becomes your norm? When does it move from black, white or grey areas to plain illicit, illegal, ill will ill gain?  The 4×4 ‘I’s’ I call it.  Does this penchant for ‘greed’ starts at an early age and then progresses once you see the opportunity to foster your greed?  Can you fall into the wrong company and be caught up as some may say?  I put it to you that it is an individual’s choice.

From the beginning of time a supreme being gave us the ultimate power trip.  That was the ability to personally choose and be held accountable for that choice once we moved from child to adult.  As an adult it is inherent, in our being to know what is right from wrong.  In the same way you know without a shadow of a doubt that if you put your hand in burning fire you shall surely get burnt.  So I opine ‘greed’ is not somebody else fault.  It is yours and yours alone so when it finally catches up with you, own it.  Pay close attention to those who achieve through the 4×4 ‘I’s’.   

You have a certain aura about you.  You display a behaviour type which is all too common centered around as simple as you take it a phrase which goes like this.  ‘What does he/she have over me?  Look on me.  I have my dis and I have my dat.  You not better than me.  Let me show you’.  They tend to be attention seekers, wanting to be where they believe they can connect, opportunists, and fake.  Often times paying their way with cash or kind to gain friendships and favours.  Along the way we have ‘suckers’ of this world that are drawn in believing what they see is actually who they are.  The ‘suckers’ are called naïve but why should you assume someone is a ‘tief’ or up to no good at first, second or even third impression?

Certainly there are exceptions.  The ‘greed’ lifestyle can last quite sometime.  However, it is my belief that nothing stays in the dark forever and as soon as the pursuers of light shine it bright enough, you will be flushed out and caught.   Question, was it worth it?  To those who cannot live by the amount of money they earn on the straight and narrow.  Bear in mind  the end will never justify the means when you have been relegated to a ‘tief’.   


(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | March 9, 2016 |

Agents of the United States (US) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are expected to travel to Jamaica in the coming days to take possession of just over J$100 million, or close to US$1.7 million (at the exchange rate that existed between 2011 and 2014), which local authorities have traced to Jamaica-born accountant Pamela Watson.

Watson is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence in the US on fraud charges.

Robin Sykes, chief technical director of the Financial Investigations Division (FID) of the Ministry of Finance, declined yesterday to elaborate on the planned handover “before it is all tied up with the Americans”, explaining that he did not want to frustrate the process.

However, according to local law-enforcement sources, FID investigators discovered approximately US$535,000, or approximately J$6.4 million, in an account linked to Watson at one licensed financial institution and J$46 million at a second financial institution.

“They (FID) have traced and restrained J$107 million. The money has been forfeited to the State and they are working with the IRS to have the cheques handed over shortly,” one source revealed.

“Two of the cheques, amounting to US$535,000, are already prepared and they are waiting on the other company to liquidate some assets in her (Watson’s) name,” the source added.

Law-enforcement sources also believe that Watson made a significant investment in a popular local entity and revealed that further investigations are being conducted.

Watson, who has been described as a very popular activist in the Jamaican community in South Florida, was given a 78-month prison sentence last December after pleading guilty three months earlier to operating a tax-refund scheme that defrauded clients – mainly Jamaicans she claimed she was helping – and the US government of US$3.6 million.

US District Judge James Cohn also ordered her to pay restitution in the same amount. 


During sentencing, it was revealed that Watson made restitution totalling US$1.2 million to the IRS in the seven months she was in custody awaiting trial.

She admitted in court that she falsified hundreds of tax returns and refund amounts on IRS forms without her clients’ knowledge.

The court also heard evidence that she diverted money to her own accounts and accounts belonging to her spouse.

The FID boss disclosed that Watson was the subject of a proceeds-of-crime probe being conducted by his agency.

He also acknowledged that the J$107 million linked to Watson was under restraint by local authorities, but indicated that it was removed in light of a parallel investigation by US authorities.

“Once we realise that things were taking a certain direction abroad, then it would sort of nullify our proceedings here. So, for example, if there is a live order abroad, then we have to take a strategic decision,” Sykes told The Gleaner.

“Do we continue with our proceedings, knowing that there is a competing interest and thereby create confusion? Because that could happen, so sometimes you have to take a strategic decision,” he continued.

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