Ugly Duckling Clique, Fatty Boom Boom Clique, Senior Citizen Clique, Male Club Clique = Tear Down and Badmind Movement

To hell with political correctness.  The PNP is taking front and center stage in the media for the past couple of weeks and each time you think it is over, it jus a come.  I am tired of it, yet, will drop my two cents as there is nothing else to talk about.

Lisa Hanna is a bombshell plain and simple with a brain that she is capable of working much to the distress of many in her field; the field of politics.  Some spillage trickling down to those women who hate to see another raven beauty in their midst who ages remarkably well and can give as much as she gets.  This lady is not, by her actions, afraid to go against the status quo making those inside and outside of her field aware that she is not a ‘lackey’.  She by her actions as that is what we must judge her by, is not afraid to take to task those within the PNP at senior levels.  She is not afraid to speak her mind, and refuses to be controlled as she clearly recognises there is one God and his name is already known.  Any person within the PNP or elsewhere claiming that name, will not be able to move her.

We are so accustomed to cliques, and independently unable to fight our own battles, thereby needing mouth pieces.  She needs none and has displayed such.  Despite the negativities within the PNP towards her, she still manages to hold unto her seat to the dismay of many.  While it is known that in this world people in general will not like you or embrace you.  It is another thing when you are part of an organisation and the intent amongst the penny section that comprises of yes, all those listed in the heading is to sabotage you; that must be endlessly annoying.  You therefore need to have a personality where you can still remain the bombshell and conduct yourself publicly in a manner that only evokes more vexation from the unhappy, bad mind, tear down posse.

By nature, human beings are envious, grudgeful, bad mind just because there is something you are able to do with effortless ease that they are incapable of doing .  Fakeness is the new designer wear and many wear it well.  Your attractiveness, confidence, forthrightness, ability to be able to speak your mind without whispering.   The ability to age like fine wine each and every year.  Just because they cannot be like you, or be you, they make the decision that you will become their rival.  It becomes more stifling when you live in a 2X4 Island, population of 2.7 million.  Where certain circles you are bound to bump into daily if not fairly often enough.  Where our political aspirants are not exactly rich financially, and so anyone that appears to be well off, or appears to have some happiness in their life outside of their political one is a recipe for poison of the most deadly kind.

We hate beauty, brains and brawns being displayed all at once.  In like manner there are those who chastise or ridicule Usain Bolt for being the dark skinned country boy who is not only successful financially, but exudes confidence that is not scripted.  Lisa Hanna’s political journey will not be appreciated by the PNP’s brass and others, because the majority of them need to fix themselves before they cannot see her.  Fixing yourself requires more effort than tearing down others.  By the looks of it all Lisa Hanna is not leaving the PNP anytime soon and refuses to be distracted by the haters.

I think the haters should start an exercise regime as they say exercise is also therapeutic and ease off the pork and red meat.  It appears those two protein seem to bring out the vileness in some.

There is a coordinated attack on Hanna, says Knight

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, September 14, 2016     57 Comments

 KNIGHT … blamed Leader of Government Business in the Senate

ATTORNEY-AT-LAW and campaign director for Lisa Hanna, K D Knight, yesterday insisted that there is a coordinated attack on the St Ann South Eastern Member of Parliament, who is one of five candidates seeking delegates’ approval for one of four vice-president posts when the People’s National Party (PNP) holds its annual conference this weekend.

Knight’s claim follows comments made by Contractor General Dirk Harrison at an Association of Local Government Authorities of Jamaica meeting in Clarendon. Harrison said the preliminary findings of an investigation into the awarding of Government contracts at the St Ann Parish Council and Hanna’s constituency revealed disturbing breaches involving fraud, forgery and conspiracy.

“It is very unusual in that the report hasn’t been completed yet for the St Ann Parish Council. It is unusual, very unusual,” Knight told the Jamaica Observer.

“I believe that yes, persons are attacking her having seen the comment made by the contractor general,” he added.

Knight said that while he does not think Harrison’s comment was meant to create a firestorm, it has generated “fierce political comments” that were not favourable for the VP hopeful.

Last October, the Observer reported that Hanna was personally served with a summons to appear before the contractor general for questioning, regarding investigations into the awarding of contracts in her consituency. More than 30 people have been summoned in regards to this investigation.

Hanna’s management of the constituency also came under heavy scrutiny throughout much of last year. During that time, the former Government minister faced strong opposition from three of four councillors from the St Ann Parish Council, including councillor for the Bensonton Division Lydia Richards who, last September, challenged her for the right to represent the PNP in upcoming parliamentary elections. Richards’ challenge fizzled as Hanna was returned as the candidate.

The two-term MP’s stewardship again came under the microscope following a protest over the non-paving of the grounds at Prickly Pole Primary School in Claremont into which an investigation has since been launched.

In the meantime, Knight said he was satisfied with Hanna’s campaign despite the darts being thrown at her.

Sitting vice-presidents Dr Fenton Ferguson, Angela Brown Burke, Noel Arscott, and Member of Parliament Dr Wykeham McNeill, are the other candidates seeking PNP delegates’ approval this weekend.

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