U Si Wey Mi A Taalk Bout – Freeness Mentality!!!!!!!

On the Roc we have many small business operators even though they would not choose those exact words.  If you are a business owner, who rents a commercial space, chances are you are quite familiar with paying rent, electricity bill and water bill.  If you do not pay the latter, it is covered under maintenance.  This is all provided your landlord is not a squatter.

The begging of water has become common practice for many of these small business owners who ‘juke up’ where they see fit.  Question, when you get your free water, do you know who is paying for the usage prey tell or do you care?  Answer mi man, who do you think is paying for it?  Why must those who pay subsidise those who do not pay and are earning a dollar daily?  What kind of philosophy is this?  Are we living under a communist regime?  Are we living under a system that states those who try their best the legal way must support those who choose not to?  Where is the balance and fairness in such a system?  When since have you become my charity case when you are fit and able to sell your wares?  So you earn your dollar and out of that dollar you demand that you must not pay 10 cents daily for your expenses?  Simplicity is all we need to drive home the state of perpetual crisis we are in as a people.  We are governed by a set of ‘haves’ whose philosophy is designed to make the middle class the working poor.  Same ism we have in electricity, healthcare and now education.

The middle class need to revolt.  Then again we are riddled in fear and will only lament.  Knowing that calling for justice is only heard if you fill the criteria of those who bawl for it the loudest.

Fruit vendor to be tried for allegedly stealing water from police station

Covering the courts

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 05, 2016     13 Comments

A Kingston fruit vendor, who reportedly assaulted a police officer after he was caught catching five gallons of water at a police station, is to go on trial on July 19.

Troy Erving pleaded not guilty to simple larceny, resisting arrest, assaulting the police, disorderly conduct and using indecent language when he appeared in court on Friday.

The court heard that on May 14, about 7:30 am, police saw Erving collecting a bucket of water on the station compound and confronted him.

The court heard that when the police spoke to Erving and told him to leave he responded by saying: “You caa stop me, nobody caa stop me.”

Ervin reportedly took up the bucket of water and threw it on the officer while behaving boisterously and using expletives.

But when the matter was mentioned, he told the court that the superintendent of police had given him permission to collect the water.

“What is the name of the supt who gave you the permission?” Judge Ellis asked. “I can’t remember,” Erwin answered.

The magistrate, however, warned him that he would have to remember the name of the superintendent who had given him permission if he was going to be relying on the officer to help his case. The matter was subsequently set for trial and his bail was extended.

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