‘U Si Mi Dying Trial’ – Police Caught Breaking Into Woman’s House!!!!

With everything that is taking place on the Roc within the JCF, there are those who clearly were thieves from the get go and are still unable to restrain themselves.  If you are not careful you would want to believe this is a reality show named ‘Cops Gone Bad’ that has been tailor made for sensationalism.

The JCF has a task on their hands, and no amount of talk can appease the citizens into believing that all those wearing the badge can and must be trusted.  Sad to say many join the force in order to become legal gun men who prey on the innocent. Some of us talk about the efficacy of jungle justice, and I still say when you catch the person red handed, why waste tax payers money on a justice system that is slower than any snail?  Think about it and while you do, if you were the woman in the house experiencing a break-in, how quick would you be to judge those residents who jumped in and came to your aid?  How many of you are prepared to go to Court and point out our perpetrator?  Speak the truth and speak it well, ‘oono fraid like whoa, suh jungle justice a di bes ting wen u ketch di criminal dem red handed.  Mi nuh si nuh defense wen u get ketch ina di act.  No money nah mek fi di lawyer dem deyso.’


Constable mobbed after attempting to break into Clarendon house


(Jamaica Gleaner)Monday | August 31, 2015 

A police constable is among a group of men who were this morning mobbed by residents of a Clarendon community after the men attempted to rob a woman.

It is alleged that the policeman was one of three men who were attempting to break into a house in Morgan’s District near Spaldings, Clarendon about 3 o’clock.

Two of the men escaped, but the constable was held and beaten by residents before being handed over to the police.

The cop who received several blows has since been admitted in hospital in serious condition.

The police are yet to release a statement on the matter.

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