Top 5 Placement – Miss Jamaica (Dreadlocked) Beauty, Miss World 2015 Competition

Sanneta Myrie represented Jamaica in fine form.  This female has a working brain that rests on the level of consciousness and from the words she has spoken appears to be devoid of superficiality.  Awareness of ‘self’ is often sidelined from our masses and what is often left are just beautiful robots who seem to be confident but in effect are shallow souls.  There is depth to this lady and she can surely be a motivator to the young aspirants on the Roc.

We can sometimes be stifled by the status quo leaving us blind to the delight it brings when someone truly unique presents itself to the World on a public platform.   As we embrace diversity in looks and style, let us recognize that the World has changed and beauty can no longer be defined to a ‘specific look’.  When our own Jamaican people can appreciate this, then we celebrate and be positive when the status quo is left behind.


MJW Sanneta Myrie finishes in Miss World top 5

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, December 19, 2015 | 10:00 AM     13 Comments 

MJW Sanneta Myrie finishes in Miss World top 5

 KINGSTON, Jamaica – Miss Jamaica World Dr Sanneta Myrie today finished in top five of the 65th Miss World Competition in Sanya, China.

Myrie had joined Spain, Russia, Indonesia, and Lebanon in top five, but the competition was eventually won by Spain.

Third place went to Indonesia and Russia finished second.

After making the top five cut, Myrie was asked why she should be named Miss World 2015, to which she responded that she was already grateful for the opportunity to be in China representing her country.

“My story is one of a little girl whose life was transformed with charity and love and my quest in life is to give that back to as many people as I can, and to inspire the world with my story, that no matter where you are from, your skin type your hair colour, your situation — your dreams are valid.

“And I believe that beauty with a purpose embodies my quest and if I was blessed with the crown tonight, I would dedicate my essence to give back to the world in a purposeful and beautiful way with charity and love,” she said.

Myrie did not walk away with the crown but she made the top five cut from a field of more than 110 contestants.

Myrie also finished third in the Miss World Talent section of the competition.

Spain wins Miss World 2015, Jamaica places in top five

(Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 10:29 AM
Miss Jamaica World 2015 Dr Sanneta Myrie.

Spain’s Mireia Lalaguna Royo has been named the winner of the Miss World 2015 competition.

Royo, a 23-year-old professional model from Barcelona, won the beauty pageant in the southern Chinese island resort of Sanya.

Miss Jamaica World 2015 Dr Sanneta Myrie finished fifth.

Sofia Nikitchuk of Russia was the runner-up and Indonesia’s Maria Harfanti took third place in the final.

The win followed a lengthy competition dogged by controversy over China’s refusal to allow Canada’s entrant to attend.

Not present was Miss Canada, Chinese-born Anastasia Lin, who’d been prevented from boarding her connecting flight to Sanya from Hong Kong last month after China refused her a visa on arrival.

Lin is an outspoken critic of Chinese religious policy and a follower of the Falun Gong meditation practice, which was outlawed by China in 1999.

The first Miss World contest was held 64 years ago in Britain.

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