The World Is Hot Like Fire And JA Is No Exception – Video Contains Profanity

As we lament on crime and violence, the unrelenting prevalence of lawlessness, we are reminded that the World is under siege.  Whether it is ISIS, Turkey, USA, and France in the spot light, little seems to be accomplished when it comes unto prevention.  Imagine this small Island where corruption is rife, law enforcement constantly under a microscope, one word rings from every crevice and corner.  JUSTICE, we want it, we demand it, and we are entitled to it.  Will it ever be forthcoming and who exactly is the recipient of this scarcity?

It is scary there is no denying and the rhetoric that we hear from political quarters leaves the citizenry with little hope that any change where it is needed will come to fruition in this century.  Change in the legislature relating to crime I speak of.  When you can be standing on the corner, and see a gun man running through the community armed with a rifle in combat, you know exactly what will take place, what can take place, and what has taken place in the past.

JUSTICE can only be arrived at after an action or before an action depending on the nature.  When the elements or aspects of justice becomes jaded similar to black n white with grey areas, we undoubtedly end up with crisis upon crisis.  Where do we go from here?  Will all our strategies from one administration to the next bring about true reformation?  As we speak the dialogue about social responsibility and duty, we must never lose sight that our choices in doing right or wrong is still one in which our social environment may not always be the dictator.  Our world has changed from way back when.  MONEY has a new definition in terms of access, education, opportunity, and value.  What drive and dictates many is the prospect of overnight success.  If such is to be achieved through illicit means, regardless of the route that society deems right, greed says otherwise.

There was a time when the poor had pride and sought out an education for their own through assistance, sweat and tears.  Sacrifice was spoken of daily and your pride caused you to make the most of it.  Todeh todey the only sacrifice a chat bout a blood sacrifice.  We have absolutely no control over our events, brutal, evil and wicked as they appear.  We have none because we lack the WILL to shake things up in all areas of our governance.  Our hands have been tied and we refuse to loosen them so we remain in bondage to outside influences.

VIDEO: Armed men running through Tivoli Gardens this morning

Cop injured during Tivoli Gardens protest

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, July 15, 2016 | 7:22 PM     82 Comments

VIDEO: Armed men running through Tivoli Gardens this morning

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The police are reporting that an officer was injured during the protest after a fatal police shooting  in Tivoli Gardens this morning.

According to the communication arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the officer received injuries to his face after being hit by residents who threw stones and bottles at the lawmen.

Meanwhile, the Inspectorate of Constabulary (IOC) said they are conducting investigations into the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Tevin Gordon and the reported recovery of a firearm in the community.

Reports from the police are that about 7:50 am, an operation was being carried out in an area of the community known as ‘Bumps’ when the police accosted a group of men. The men reportedly ran in different directions.

One of the men entered a building and during an alleged confrontation with the police he was shot and injured. One Lorcin semi-automatic pistol with eight 9mm rounds of ammunition was allegedly taken from him. He was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Following the incident, residents mounted roadblocks along Spanish Town Road and fired several shots in the community.

Police in the area also came under attack and the entrance to the Tivoli Gardens Command Post was damaged by gunshots, the police said.

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