The Vilification of Jamaica’s Prime Minister Continues – Our Self Hatred Is Forever Imminent

One really does not need to outline the accomplishments of Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller.  It has to take outsiders to recognise and give this woman the respect she deserves.  People are people and they will speak in any fashion they choose when they get ‘caught up’.  Just look at the USA Presidential campaign and the fore runner  whose mouth is as foul as any fish monger.  What has the Prime Minister said to deserve ‘scrutiny’ of her words at this present time?

I get it.  There is an underscore of Jamaicans who do not like the Prime Minister because she looks like them.  Let me break it down for you.   You suffer from self hate.  Chances are you ‘screwed’ your way up the corporate ladder irrespective of your certification.   You constantly compete with young people.  When you travel outside of Jamaica you are classified as a ‘nigger’.  Your academic achievements are never acknowledged as the colour of your skin is noticed first and foremost.  Your eloquence is only applauded in Jamaica by those who suffer from your unfortunate self hatred.  You grave for attention and so want to be accepted by the Jamaican whites who are remnants of plantation ‘livity’. 

You cannot change the colour of your skin as each time you ‘tone’ you are constantly reminded of who you are and where you came from.   Your childhood was riddled with many sad memories that you cannot seem to move on from.  Even though you have made it out of the ‘trauma’ or embarrassing lifestyle through no fault of your own as you were a child, you resent the ‘black’ woman who has not only surpassed her humble beginnings but still succeeds despite the odds to get up each and every morning, thank the Lord for her achievements and accomplishments while leading a team of independent thinking men and women.

While you have some money, maybe the house and the flash car, the man, the children, you are still internally unhappy as you live a life of pretense and the voice and sight of Prime Minister Portia Simper-Miller sends you into total envy, grudgefulness and venom of the worst kind.  You may also live outside of this country and qualified as you are, how high profile are you in another man’s country?  Those living on the Roc, your only escape from your misery is that you fail to admit, that the more you achieve if you achieve at all, you have become more bitter of your own self.  Instead of addressing your deep seated issues bordered on your upbringing as a child, you continue to spew venom at a woman that the more you chastise is the more you have elevated her on a pinnacle that even while on your back or hands and knees making your payments, you will never be able to hold a candle to her.

We know of the coconuts that reside on the Roc.  Who are they?  The black skinned people that have acquired and believe they are ‘white’.  Those who look white, you are fully aware that when you leave this soil and touch on ‘foreign’ quarters you are considered a ‘nigger’.  Self hatred affects the haves and the have nots, the educated and the uneducated and no matter how you dress to cover your self hatred the level of toxicity is too high.  Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller is an authentic woman, many of you are only carbon copies as you do not have a clue how to be your natural self.


After the shooting… what Portia said

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Wednesday | February 24, 2016 | 12:28 AM (35 Comments)
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and Arnaldo Brown, St Catherine East Central standard bearer surrounded by police personnel after the shooting – Gladstone Taylor Photo
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is being scrutinised for her comments after gunshots rang out at a meeting in her St Andrew South Western constituency on Tuesday night.

Two people were shot and injured and at least 27 others injured in an ensuing stampede.

Here are some of the Prime Minister’s comments from the platform after the shooting:

“Whoever was the evil that was sent here to do what has happened earlier will recognise that members of the People’s National Party are never afraid of anyone. I am going to find out who did it and it doesn’t matter what constituency they come from, neighbouring or otherwise. I am going to deal with it. Comrades, you know, I’ve been wondering and I said it to someone that if other meetings were disrupted, when is it they would disrupt a meeting for us. 

“I have a request for the Jamaica Constabulary representatives. What happened here tonight must never be overlooked because some others want our meeting to look like some other meetings. But what they do not understand about PNP people; we are never afraid, we are not afraid of anyone. And I want to thank the police for the way they have handled the situation but ask that it be investigated because we are not like the other party. This is a loving, peaceful party, the People’s National Party, founded by Norman Washington Manley.” 


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