The Monster Called Crime – JA Boxer Killed In Atlanta, USA

So it is when the senseless killings occur in the USA and Jamaicans are caught up in the mix, you hardly hear the opinions of many who undoubtedly make up members of the Diaspora.  A tragedy this certainly is and reinforces that we have absolutely no control over lawlessness as justification for why killers kill is futile.  Evil exists on Planet Earth and what we hope for is once the perpetrators are brought to justice, there can be a punishment rendered that fits the crime they committed.

Wherever the evil occurs once inflicted the end results are the same.  Jamaica is but a small Island under 3 million citizens.  The Parliament where legislations are crafted must be changed to suit the times we are living in as it relates to law and order.  For some reason, our justice system does not appear to be working in that we hardly see harsh sentences meted out and far too often we are reliant on a jury system that is wrought with challenges that are ‘real’ and not necessarily ‘workable’ unless once chooses to change that method of trying cases.

Do you want a military run World?  Would that also prevent crimes long term?


Former Jamaican world boxing champ killed in USA

(Jamaica Gleaner) Thursday | November 26, 2015 | 2:29 PM
O’Neil ‘Supernova’ Bell was shot dead during a robbery yesterday in Atlanta, USA.
Former Jamaican world boxing champion O’Neil ‘Supernova’ Bell was shot dead during a robbery yesterday as he exited a public transit bus in Atlanta, USA.

An officer found the 40-year-old lying in the street.

A Reuters news agency report said another man nearby had also been shot, but survived.

The survivor, who was taken to a local hospital, told police he and Bell were shot after first being robbed when they stepped off the bus.

The report said no arrests have been made.

Bell was born in Jamaica and became known as ‘Supernova’ throughout his career.

He was the undisputed cruiserweight champion in 2006.

He has won the World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Federation titles.

Bell had a 27 boxing wins, four losses and one career draw.

Twenty-five of his victories were by knockout. 

His last fight was in 2011.


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