The Injustice Of Politics Over 55 Years To Neck Back!!!!!!

If u nuh laugh u mus bawl fi si wey we reach.  Imagine dis talk pon di global stage, as wid internet and social media u neva know wey u speeches will land and how it will be interpreted.  After all, almost every smaddie a wannabee lawyer and it appears to be largely down to interpretation and rarely is fact or law injected in the diatribe.  Considering how one election soon come, nutten else ina di paper except bout politics, politics and more politics.  Mi nuh really like fi comment pon di politics ting but disya one just nah lef di space.

When I read a headline that 30 dons wanted a seat at the head table re the ongoing or proposed gentrification of Downtown Kingston, I kissed my teeth.  No seriously, I kissed my teeth out of sheer annoyance that the media felt it important enough to flog it in the written press.  We dun know how di Roc set up from our Independence and the politics of this Land.  Or should I say the role politics has played in the lives of the ‘Don’ and the well needed votes that they guaranteed on Election Day.  To deny their involvement is likened to treason.  Only this kind of treason would be on the decent people of this land.

If you think a little bit, not too long, just a lickle bit.  We were enslaved by the Spanish for over 100 years, under the British for over 300 years.  By that very nature we are youthful in our Independence.  We are predisposed by our actions as is relevant to the NOW to operate under an ‘enslaved/colonial regime’.  Here we have the ‘Dons’ demanding a ‘right’ to be included in whatever they deem they should become a part of simply because they believe they are ‘owed’.

How did we come to have political zones/garrisons/territories?  How long have those areas played an active role in our politics ie how many of those votes make up the majority of our electorate?  We already know that there is a belief of strong truth that the so called ‘educated’ refuse to vote.  Or if they ever voted, it may have been once or twice over a 20 year period of so.  The millennials of today are following course and how many have voted or intend to become an active part of our electorate on election day?   I am speculating here, but if not, why has the reliance been and continue to be on areas deemed political garrisons?

I heard a popular anthropologist on the Roc say and I paraphrase.  I could travel to other countries and submit proposals and they are implemented.  In Jamaica you do the same and based on our culture of all things ‘slow’, it takes them 10 years to believe……………  Who are they??????

By our having this discussion as to why ‘Don’s’ can or cannot speaks volumes as to the role ‘them’ played since our Independence.  Fifty five years of independence versus over 400 years of colonialism………………..


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Chuck says country cannot legitimise the role of dons

Sunday, October 15, 2017 51 Comments

 Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck (File photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, says the country cannot afford to legitimise the presence of so-called “dons” in inner-city communities.

Speaking at a Rotary Club of Kingston meeting at the Jamaica Pegasus, New Kingston, Chuck warned that the country would be making a serious mistake if it adopted that attitude.

“This country cannot legitimate dons. This country would be making a serious mistake if it even has further discussions with these dons as to how we are going to develop a community or the country,” he said.

“Unless they go on the straight and narrow path, there is no way this country can even consider them for work or any sort of participation in any redevelopment,” he stated.

“That was my position in North East St Andrew, and that is why we don’t have any gangs or dons there,” he added.

Chuck also described some of the communities as criminogenic or living off criminal activities.

“It’s a fact of life that when a successful robbery takes place, the community cheers because the largesse is spread,” he stated.

“The scammers and dons are seen as the Robin Hoods of today, bringing benefits to their communities,” he said, noting that this was the perception that led to a number of Corporate Area “dons” wanting a meeting with the authorities to discuss the redevelopment of downtown Kingston.

The media reported last week that more than 30 “dons” have informed stakeholders in the redevelopment of downtown Kingston that they want a piece of the action to restore the capital city, and have expressed willingness to participate.



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