The Good Life………..

Oh  how I desire the good life……let me enjoy it to the fullest I deserve it!!!

The ‘good life’ is not one thing… is a composition of your entire being. The choices you make, the life you lead, your character……In essence the ‘good life’ is your lifestyle that you own, that you design which defines you. 

Are you morally clean, are you respectful of your body, are you a person of integrity, or are you ‘loose’ a ‘crawler’, ‘trollop’? Can you be held in ‘high esteem’ physically, morally and spiritually? How do your children view you if you are a Parent? Are you healthy emotionally, spiritually and mentally? When was the last time you took a long look in the mirror……..the mirror to your true reflection?

Only can you attract and live the ‘good life’ once your lifestyle embodies those values that brings light versus ‘closetness and darkness.  Anything less is a substitute, a mere pleasure ride that lasts a few hours per day.  It eventually ends leaving you in your continued state of confliction, confusion, devoid of peace which is ultimately the key to entering into the ‘good life’.

Wow……….the good life surely feels good!!!!

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