The Eyebrows Says It All – Bride Of Chucky – Woman Pleads Guilty

Lest we forget, the female specie can be just as evil and deadly as their male counterparts.  It is high time we have live dramas being broadcast on our local television.  How about a JA version of Lifetime and not to be left out a Judge Pussey, live and direct on prime time.  Crime is the number one disease facing the Island, and we could do well to have both syndicated.  It woulda ‘sell off’, Jamaican parlay.

I am trying to figure out if she is a nutcase or what.   No reports have suggested there was a baby for sale operation going on.  We are aware of children being abducted in the sex slave trade. With this case, all we have is as outlined in this piece.  Bride of chucky is found to have in her residence two days after, the 1 year old child kidnapped on the 22 Aug 2013.  She and ar companion mus a cock up a feed di baby.  That was not enough as while on bail, she decides 3 months later in November of said year, to commit murder of a former post mistress then kidnapped her 6 weeks old grandson.  The Court did not see it fit to do a psych examination of this female.  Why????  With eyebrows like those, I certainly would before granting bail.  Do you not think the second crime, loss of life for this former post mistress could have been prevented???

I am guilty she says.  Took her four years to be able to declare that.  I wonder how long it is going to ake for her to plead on the murder charge in a court of law?  No insanity plea, so is it unfair to say evil in plain sight???

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‘I DID IT’: Woman pleads guilty to abducting one-week-old baby

A woman charged for abducting a one-week-old baby boy in St Mary in 2013 pleaded guilty to the charge in the St Mary Circuit Court on Wednesday morning.

She is Dianna Pinnock, of Valley Bush, St Mary and Epworth, St Ann.

She was charged with abduction of a child under 16.

A social enquiry report, as well as an antecedent report has been ordered by presiding judge Justice Sarah Thompson-James.

Pinnock was further remanded into custody for sentencing on March 31.

Reports are that the baby boy of Belinda Smith and Donald Martin was kidnapped from his home about 2:00 am on Thursday, August 22, 2013 by persons who kicked in the door to his family’s home in Valley Bush, near Charles Town in St Mary.

Two days later on Saturday, August 24, the Ocho Rios Police acting on information, raided a house on Old Buckfield Road in St Ann, where the child was found awith Pinnock and her companion.

Pinnock is also before the courts in St Ann for the killing of a retired post-mistress and abducting her six-week old grandson in November of 2013.

FEATURED IMAGE: The photograph of Dianna Pinnock initially released in 2013 by the police when she was listed as wanted.

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