The Best Thing Coming Out Of A Comrade’s Mouth Since The PNP Loss At The Polls

Let us leave the semantics inside our bedrooms and talk about real change where it should be applied in short order.  Why is it that Jamaican politicians are afraid of term limits?  How can you with a straight face speak about transformation, nepotism, unhealthy alliance when seeking to remain in any position until death, or being over thrown.  When you are in leadership, you lead.  Lead the people and not be led by the people when it is sheer manipulation from those educated or more adapt in the art of brainwashing is played.  Yes, the leader is the one who uses different tools of manipulation making it appear as if they are in fact people driven.  Ofcourse favouritism will display its ugly head once a person is at the political realm for 15 years and over.  In fact the mere building of a team is often done not on aptitude first rather ‘fren’ then all else follows.

As we have seen this does not bode well especially in politics.  Whenever there is a ‘stroke’ as what was suffered by the PNP’s loss at the polls, out of the wood work public introspection abounds.  However, at the core is the fact that  our leadership has never been dealt sufficiently so as to force change, habits or thinking.  If term limits are implemented I believe 10 years (2 terms) regardless of your age should be enforced.  How long does that have to take effect?  If you become the leader at 60 years of age, at age 70 you are out.  If you do so at 30 or 40 you are out after 10 years regardless of your perception of ‘youth’.  Only until this change be made into our Constitution will the thinking of our politicians change so as to influence the ‘sheep’ in a honest way devoid of emotional manipulation that is forever being played by the educated.

Talk is always cheap, until we see change and for some reason I will not hold by breath on this one.  Like many systems on the Roc, I believe not having term limits is through design.  One which damages the very liberties we claim to hold true.  Why are you so afraid of relinquishing power after 10 years PNP and JLP?  Tell the people the real reason why you would not make term limits for leadership a priority?  While the PNP and JLP come up with answers to that question, will those considered to be the young and brightest (all over age 30 years) tell us why you are not jumping up and down by this suggestion from Mr Bunting?  Do not let us speculate.  A few of you crave the media and the media is quick to give you an audience to vent, so how about supporting this?  Are both favouritism and nepotism at play here?

Bunting wants term limits for PNP leadership

MP suggests systematic renewal of PNP leadership

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Opposition People’s National Party MP Peter Bunting speaking at last night’s town hall meeting. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

Peter Bunting last night called for a “systematic renewal of leadership” of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) and put forward two possible systems of term limits that would require constitutional change in the 77-year-old political movement.

Speaking at a town hall meeting put on by the Jamaica Theological Seminary under the theme ‘The PNP then and now — Matters’, Bunting, the Manchester Central Member of Parliament and former PNP general secretary, suggested that all office holders of the party should have circumscribed tenure.

His comment comes mere weeks after he signalled his intention to lead the party, which is still embroiled in turmoil after losing the February 25, 2016 General Election by one seat to the Jamaica Labour Party.

“The Constitution of the PNP provides annual opportunities for reaffirming or replacing officers through re-election. In practice, however, any attempt to exercise this democracy is unwelcome. There has not been a single national officer position contested in the last eight years. This cannot be healthy for a democratic party,” Bunting said.
The former minister of national security urged Comrades to consider amending the party’s Constitution to accomplish this.

“Tenure could be limited by having either a mandatory retirement age, or a limit of how long one can hold a post, or some combination of the two,” said Bunting.

“…China has a mandatory retirement age of 68 and all top party officials are limited to two five-year terms in the same post. In Brazil, the mandatory retirement age is 70. In many other countries such as the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Haiti there are limits of one or two terms as president. Locally, the JLP has proposed term limits for a prime minister. The thinking behind these mechanisms to circumscribe tenure is that leaders as a class should never be trusted uncritically,” he argued.

Added to that, he pointed out that cliques exist in all parties and lead to favouritism, nepotism and other unwholesome practices. Therefore, reasonable limits must be imposed on the duration of individual leadership.

At the same time, Bunting called for the renewal of the party’s groups, insisting that it is critical to the maintenance of the PNP’s core values. He also called for communication and citizen engagement, citing that it was the absence of these that contributed to the party’s defeat at the polls.

“In the face of political events such as the election loss of February 25th, a political party can either continue to embrace the status quo, or it can feel compelled to renew,” he said.

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