Tax Until You Lose All – You Shall Surely Feel!!!

Lasco Chin spoke, and it appears the Government is prepared to play poker with one of our biggest players.  I remember when Lasco products were considered to be ‘poor’ people food. Now it is a ‘high end’ product based on its current cost. An increase will surely be meted out on the Jamaican people if this tax be applied. Think about it?

Where is St Thomas today after Good Year’s departure from Jamaica?  Does the government not get it; you cannot tax your way out of debt and expect ‘fast growth’.  It makes no sense; it is counter productive to sustainability.  Regardless of our natural resources and climate, Jamaica cannot be viable for investment if we have taxed ourselves out of competitiveness.  We already have unceasing crime, an uncertified labour force, bureaucracy fueling the ‘red tape’ in getting things done, political nepotism in every nook and crannie.  Exactly what kind of growth long term are you anticipating by 2030?

If the Minister with due respect lacks creativity, then employ outside help who can guide you through without ‘bleeding’ those whose contribution will cause further instability to the development of this country.



PSOJ calls agri minister exuberant, declares manufacturers will not pay sugar tax

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Monday | April 27, 2015

Refined sugar is proposed to attract an import cess
Mahfood …The tax would represent an attack on manufacturers
The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has branded Agriculture Minister, Derrick Kellier, as an exuberant Minister who is seeking to prop up the ailing sugar industry at the expense of more productive sectors.

The PSOJ’s statement is in support of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) which has declared its opposition to the impending tax on imported refined sugar, announced last week by Kellier.

Imported refined sugar is one of the main ingredients of many manufactured products, particularly in the beverage industry.

PSOJ president, William Mahfood, who is the managing director of beverage distributors, WISYNCO, says Kellier made the announcement without completing discussions with manufacturers.

He says manufacturers have already decided that they will not be paying any tax imposed on imported refined sugar.
According to Mahfood, the tax would represent an attack on manufacturers and would be counter to the Government’s pronouncements about enhancing growth in the economy.

The PSOJ head argues that the government appears to be willing to have the productive sectors suffer in order to support the sugar industry.

PSOJ president, William Mahfood
Last week, Lascelles Chin, the head of food manufacturer, LASCO, said he may have to shelve his company’s US $40 million expansion project in Jamaica and take the operations to Trinidad and Tobago if the government goes ahead with its plans.

The Agriculture Minister has argued that the cess is part of the government’s plans to restructure the regime governing the importation of refined sugar, which he says is being leaked to the local retail trade.

Kellier’s announcement coincides with concerns raised by sugar producers in the African Caribbean Pacific region about the approaching deadline for the reduction of European preferential treatment on sugar imports.

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