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I am a firm believer that the head of an organisation, entity is where the buck starts and stops.  You do not necessarily need the most qualified for certain posts, however, the person that can get the job done should be sought.  Such an individual may not be the most popular, but will be known as a no nonsense person who is not caught up with popularity, neither Jamaica’s social calendar nor the elites.

It is truly a cop out, excuse the pun to continuously blame rank and file.  When in fact, the failure lies with the appointment of the top chief.  The top chief has to have the personality type that can hire and fire without second guessing or without approval from the ‘sect’.  As Radcliffe Lewis puts it, GUTS is what is needed for the top job.  We have people in leadership who are afraid of their own shadow and is star struck from those considered to be of importance.  Whenever you have a shakeup chief in the house, they are soon labelled controversial.  Well this is what non-controversial will get you.  A failing force with rank and file having no respect for the high command and will pretty much do what they choose to do which leads to corruption.  A rank and file who is operating on low morale and who sees the mission as mission less.  Where is the leader?

Leadership is needed which is different from what we currently have.  With the same leadership, comes the same rhetoric just a different voice and tone.  Once that remains the same, please save the Jamaican people from the speeches as we deserve action.  Action that can only come from a new chief and high command.  If you continue to praise what we currently have, it sends a clear message that there needs no change through your own eyes as a force.

I concur with Retired SSP Lewis, appoint someone from the JDF to the top post, and begin to overhaul the high command.  2.7 + million people living on the Roc is far more important that the egos of those holding leadership within the JCF.  We need more in leadership roles with the personality type as Radcliffe Lewis.  He served with distinction and was a hands on cop.  I saw him in action on many occasions and he is well missed.


Retired SSP says High Command also failed if Commissioner failed

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | December 28, 2016 | 9:3
Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Radcliffe Lewis argues that the next top cop cannot be drawn from current hierarchy if it is believed that the outgoing commissioner, Dr Karl Williams, was a failure.

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Radcliffe Lewis, has called for a shake-up of the top brass of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to deal effectively with the crime problem.

The former SSP is joining those calling for the JCF to look outside its ranks for a new police commissioner.

Lewis argues that the next top cop cannot be drawn from current hierarchy if it is believed that the outgoing commissioner, Dr Carl Williams, was a failure.

He says if the commissioner has failed, then those who occupy the current high command also failed and, therefore, would not be qualified to lead the force.

Noting that he is not calling for a commissioner from overseas, Lewis says someone outside of the JCF is needed to make radical changes in the top rank of the force.

His preference is for a member of the Jamaica Defence Force to lead the Constabulary.

However, he says the new commissioner’s focus would have to switch to overhauling the hierarchy unlike predecessors, who he says were heavily focused on the rank and file.

The frank talking Lewis says the current top brass of the JCF does not have the “guts” to make the changes necessary in the hierarchy.

He says the next commissioner has to be tough on the high command and insist that they deliver results.

Lewis says although the JCF has in its ranks cops who are academically qualified to lead, the Constabulary needs people who know how to manage crime.

The retired SSP says he has no interest in the post of commissioner, as he has no desire to work with the current JCF hierarchy.

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