Shocker!! – Police Carried Out Contract Killing in Death of 61 Year Old Business Woman

As alarming as our murders are on the Roc, we must keep things into perspective.  An Island such as ours, the grapevine is always flourishing and it is with great sadness for humans to face the fact that those closest to us are often times the most deadliest to us.

We hate as much as we say we love and so the conflict and battle with our emtions when issues surface is the root cause of our actions.  How can a friend, family member, business partner decide it is time for you to depart planet earth?  If the answer was easily found, such murders would not be rampant on the Roc.  There are those who would say, it is not as simple as walking away.  Another view to take would be to analyse the worth.  How well do you really know those closest to you?  What value do those closest to you put on life?  What value do you personally put on life?  If you are able to answer those questions truthfully, you may just find that missing link to the unanswered questions.  It is not my belief that one remains ‘stuck’.  There is absolutely nothing one cannot walk away from if they seriously look at ‘worth’ and ‘value’.

Where do we go from here?………………….


2 cops arrested for Manchester businesswoman’s contract killing

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 | 4:26 PM     37 Comments

MANCHESTER, Jamaica – Two policemen were on Monday, October 26, arrested in connection with the murder of Manchester businesswoman Norma Coleman in the parish last Friday.

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Investigators are now appealing to Coleman’s husband, Vincent Coleman, and Marshall Small, both of Mandeville addresses, to report to the Mandeville Police Station by midday Thursday, as they believe both men can assist their investigations.

The police are reportedly treating the businesswoman’s murder as a contract killing which involves person/s closely associated with her.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch Headquarters (CIB HQ), who are spearheading the investigation, are reporting significant progress in their probe of the incident.

A news release from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit said about 1:30 pm on Friday, October 23, the 61-year-old businesswoman of Begonia Drive in Mandeville was shot dead on Confidence Avenue.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell has indicated that there is “a worrying increase in murders suspected to be contract killings involving family members who are hiring others to kill relatives”.

He has given the assurance that the requisite resources will be allocated to this and similar investigations to speedily bring all involved to justice.

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