Sex No Longer Private, Vulgarity Makes You Popular – Self Worth Is Of No Importance

Moral decay is called freedom of expression.  Whether it be carnival, street parties, or wherever the opportunity presents itself to get loose, our men and women have lost themselves into hedonistic behaviour which is described as having fun.  This is celebrated and magnified as the act of sex is considered to be public if that is your choice.  There are those who consider themselves celebrities even though you may have never heard of them on the Roc.  In a world where it appears that sex sells, on the Roc we will sell such through our own music and those of others.  It is my view that to be exploited as young women through dancing would suggest that you are comfortable to participate at these events.  The dancing that is exhibited by these women is cause for serious questions which should be put to them.  Do they really believe that there is any dignity in getting so low in the first place?   If they believe that they have a right to ‘skin out’ and at times wearing no under garments which is visible, then we have to stop the protestations.  If it is freedom of expression means it is acceptable to behave in a lewd manner, then why is one alarmed with the end results which is by nature caused from sexual arousal.

What does respecting a woman mean to a man we should ask?  Conduct a survey on that and in particular at those very venues that erotic and lewd dancing takes place.  It is a widely held view that if a woman behaves like a dog she will be treated as such.  Our women pretty much need to recogise that their bodies and the use of it should not be used for sexual enticement calling it entertainment.  Rather you have a moral obligation to take responsibility for your person and that means if you are not dirty dancing with your significant other, prepare for anything that unfolds from those low life boys masquerading as men.  To the question of respect, it is high time our women respect themselves first, then I believe you will be able to command respect by virtue of your stance from any man.   The moment a man may have got it twisted and attempt or have disrespected you, you are confident enough, self-respecting enough to disallow that man from your personal space.  It starts with you.  If the male dancer calls you up on stage, do not go.  Chances are he will not do you any favour as respecting  you is the furthest thing from his mind.  That is where we are in society.  Boys raping females and posting it on social media.  Most recent on foreign press, we have a young lady who was raped by 30 young men and they are now in search of her boyfriend.  The brutal assault was posted on social media.   

I maintain on the Roc, you can still be cute and sexy without dancing like a ‘THOT’.   

Dirty dancing

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, May 24, 2016     61 Comments

Choreographer Orville Hall

Choreographer Orville Hall is outraged at the latest ‘dance’ trend which sees the manhandling of females by male dancers.

“That is not dancing, it is the abuse of women. It is very disrespectful to the females,” Hall told the Jamaica Observer.

Videos of popular male dancers ripping the clothes off a female and gyrating wildly on her as she tries to flee have made social media rounds this month.

After coming under fire from social media users, one of the dancers issued a public apology through his Instagram page. Detectives from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse have launched a probe into the incident.

Similar occurrences have reportedly taken place.

Hall described the act as barbaric, adding that it is worse than the ‘daggering’ craze of seven years ago.

“This is a new level of abuse. A few years ago, we had daggering and it was banned, but it was nothing like this. No one was left feeling hurt or ashamed. It was about us, dancers, showing off our flexibility and agility. Everyone was having fun,” he said.

“I will never condone or try to justify those practices. We need choreographed dancing. Some of these dancers need to revisit the 1980s when a woman would gyrate her body sexually and a male would ask her politely for a dance. What is happening now is a criminal act,” Hall stressed.

Hall first conducted classes in dancehall choreography while a student at Excelsior Community College, in 1998.

After graduating in 2000, he returned one year later to earn an Associate Degree in the Performing Arts. Hall recently returned from a seven-country tour that included performances in Greece, Spain and the United States.

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