Serena Williams Gives To Jamaica – We Say Thank You

Do you always see the glass half empty or half full?  It is all in ones perception, the mind. 

Ever so often if you are aware on ‘wata gwaan pon di Roc’, you should become nostalgic at the possibilities. The possibility that we are not a lost cause nor are all our Leaders in governance so. There is much to be celebrated and more importantly the reality that outsiders not related to this Land do care. Their care followed by well needed support whether cash or kind is bordered on ‘no strings attached’. These are the philanthropists of our time. They are not all old white men who are bored with their billions and choose to spread their wealth to others. In fact absolutely nothing is wrong with that notion on second thoughts. How easy is it for the majority to part from their money regardless if they can spend it all or not? Let us not talk about tax relief. To be involved and donate takes an element of real compassion and awareness of ones purpose in life when one is blessed to be financially wealthy.

Giving the few hundreds and thousands in local currency is one thing but when you hear of those who give serious amounts of US$ or foreign country is commendable I opine. We hear names of many in the social arena that are supposedly wealthy yet really hear of their involvement in the ‘little much’ that impact will affect ‘much much’. Yes, they may very well choose to be anonymous, yet I doubt that is the case. Our people like to be noticed with attention likened to their own spin of celebrities. So being anonymous when philanthropy will ensure they remain on the front page, I find that hard to imagine. I could be wrong, but that is my view.

Salt Marsh Primary School in Trelawny had the helping hands of one of Tennis greats. One who is likened to be the very best this sport has seen in decades. One who chose Jamaica as the Land she will share her resources with through Education. No hype, no entourage, no bling bling, no floss just a visit to cut the ribbon and showing her support and elation at a job well done. Splendid I say, rather splendid!!!!!



Finally finished! Serena Williams elated after helping to build school in Usain Bolt’s birth parish

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | February 10, 2016 | 3:32 PM
In this screen grab taken from Serena Williams’ Insta vid Williams cuts the ribbon to a newly built school in Jamaica. The tennis star captioned the video: “After all the hard work, the school is finally finished!”.
Serena Williams did not win the title at the Australian Open last month, but she is a true winner putting her toned arms to work in Jamaica.

The tennis star posted a video on her Instagram page today showing her cutting the ribbon to the newly built school on the island.

Williams made sure to participate and get her hands dirty as she partnered with the Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation to build the school.

An elated Williams tweeted that the school is ‘finally finished!’.

In the Instagram post, which also featured local entertainer Sean Paul, Williams is seen cutting the ribbon to the newly built Salt Marsh Primary School in Trelawny.

Trelawny is the birth parish of track star Usain Bolt.   



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