Seeityanow – Waste or Not Of Police Time, You Decide……..

This particular case had me baffled to say the least.  No family member reported this female or her gentleman missing, who clearly remains in the dark, visibly that is.  Have you seen a photo of him?  So let us look at what we have.  The workplace sounded the alarm.  Why???  Maybe her not turning up for work was out of character.  Did they speak to her relatives to ascertain if she had another side to her that was not known to the colleagues meaning, does this appear normal to them?  After all, one would think your family if there is some closeness would have an idea as to your behavior when work is over?  I believe that is fair to deduce.  The only ones who seemed extremely worried were persons affiliated with the hospital.  I for one did not feel any discomfort in the pit of my stomach as I normally do when some of these cases are reported.  My thoughts, however, are focused on the next time.  How will law enforcement proceed moving forward?  Will they pursue cases only when family members report missing loved ones?  Why did they act so vigorously on this case when the report came from her employers and not her family?

Curiosity surrounds this individual in her actions and will continue to follow her whether she cares or not.  Your business has been made public and it certainly sheds light into your mental state of being.  Would it not been easier for you to contact your place of employ and the constabulary to say, something like, ‘I am out of commission until……..’  No answers to questions that may be asked so that unnecessary emotions evoked by the public would be reserved for the real.

Oh I wonder, does she still have a job waiting for her at the hospital?

Case closed on ‘missing’ Mandeville doctor

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, August 26, 2016 | 4:28 PM     38 Comments

 Chanique Cousins

Manchester, Jamaica – Superintendent of the Manchester Police Division, Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, has confirmed that 28-year-old medical doctor Chanique Cousins who was believed to be missing is now back home.

Cousins and her companion, 42-year-old Winston Davidson, were reportedly seen at their home in Mike Town in the parish yesterday.

Cameron-Powell said they revealed that they are “OK.”

Cousins’ whereabouts was questioned when she did not return to work at the Mandeville Regional Hospital as scheduled and could not be located, after asking for a change of duty before the start of the Emancipation and Independence holidays.

Reports that she was last seen leaving home in the Mike Town community with Davidson, who is a high school teacher, led the police to also start searching for him.

However, Cameron-Powell told OBSERVER ONLINE that although the authority at the Hospital brought the matter to their attention, Cousins and Davidson were never reported missing by relatives.

She said that for the police the case is now closed.

“We do not have anything to charge them for,” said Cameron-Powell.

Prior to the couple’s eventual return, police say that there were reports of them being spotted at different places in and outside of the parish.

The Manchester Superintendent said that there is another element to the case on which she could not comment as it is not a police matter.

The Southern Regional Health Authority confirmed that Cousins is not back at work at the Mandeville Regional Hospital.


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