Seeitdeh School Gone To Di Dogs – A Who Oono Want Fi Tanyah & Teach Leggo Beast

What kind of behaviour do you call this?  Those who love to chastise and refer to derogatory comments.  I beg of you to humour me and describe what you would refer to this as.  More importantly, is the child guilty of this act a member of the school or church choir?  The sheer hypocrisy of those who in one breath ctry for law, order, discipline and respect, then in the second breath speak of abuse of child when punishment is inflicted, or unfairness of system when the child is kicked out of school.

The child who disrespects adults, his teacher, principal, is a child whose home life is a picture of what he or she displays when out of said environment.  If there are those who want to jump down my throat, jump all you want; the apple does not fall far from the tree.  The day is fast becoming when you are going to beg for teachers to remain in the classroom, and beg for those to discipline your child when necessary then guess what, there will not be enough of them.

Would you line up to teach in a classroom today?  Government has the gall to speak about those who choose to migrate for betterment.  What is the salary scale like?  Is it really worth it to put yourself in the line of fire as that is exactly what is taking place on the Roc?  What I find heart wrenching is we fail to realise this type of behaviour can take place in and on any school compound.  What if your child was killed at the hands of another?  It appears society is becoming numb to school on school violence.

My charge is to anyone who has a child or who is a foster parent or guardian.   Consider this.   If you are anti discipline, prepare for the judgement, consequence, stress and poor relief benefit for your child until their last days.  We may have a young generation now that appears to be pampered, spoiled and indiscipline due to the adults sick idea of what discipline means and how it should be handed down.  Things will not remain the same, as a wipe out of an entire generation has happened in times gone by.  It can happen again.  Do you want that for your children, not your children’s children??


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Camperdown teachers protest after students allegedly assault teacher to recover cell phone

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | June 9, 2017 | 
Protesting Camperdown teachers, clad in black, in discussion with students this morning before a meeting at the school – Gladstone Taylor photo

Teachers at Camperdown High School are now a meeting to discuss the way forward after one of their colleagues was physically assaulted by two male students yesterday.

The boys were reportedly trying to retrieve a cell phone that was seized by the teacher.

The phone is thought to have been stolen.

It is reported that the two male students physically abused the math teacher, squeezed her behind a grille and rung her hands to get the phone she took from them.

Principal Valentine Bailey says the teacher is traumatised by the incident and the matter is being dealt with based on the instructions of the school’s chairman, who was on the compound when the incident happened.

Bailey did not say what those instructions were.

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