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Wen trouble tek u a who u call pan? Ina Jamaica is not di ghost busters for many…………So it must be noted globally that Jamaicans wen every wey dem tun macca juke dem, right yah now is more dan macca a juke wi, dem ago kneel down an pray.  This is a Jamaican thing as a Christian country and whether you like it or not, if not agreed upon, still must be respected when you land here.  I am not going to dare make an assumption as to who people especially in the USA pray to when unexpected tragedy befalls them.  I am certainly aware of the many doctrines beliefs on planet earth. We have certainly seen week after week some high drama resulting in devastation on a people and we too witness hands being clasped and heads bowed down.  Again, I have no idea who they are praying to but I can take a wild guess that when many Jamaicans do the same, they tend to refer to a particular name and it is Jesus.  To believe or not to believe is your choice, but look at the irony of the situation.

When the former Minister of National Security not so long ago called for Divine Intervention, if u ever hear how di people dem did a gwaan.  There were those calling for his resignation.  A few members of the JLP who were in Opposition basically laughed Peter Bunting to scorn.  Many from the diaspora according to some of their comments made reference to him being out of his depth and incompetent for crying out for divine intervention.  You would have thought the man committed treason.  See how the tables have turned.   The present Minister of National Security Robert Montague it appears cannot make a move without praying to the Almighty and is now calling upon the people of this country to do the same.  Woiiii it deya.  From the photo taken, have a good look and you will see the former Minister of National Security holding hands in prayer with the current Minister.

I want to tell oono something, u see Jamaican people no care wey dem involve ina, wen sickness, trouble and fear tek dem, a one name u ago hear dem a bawl out fah.  Every wey dem go, dem beg fi prayers.  What you do not understand nor accept, it is well to respect as the same is always demanded of others who do not understand nor accept others perceived fights/struggles.  One question though, all those pon di Roc who did a ask fi Bunting to step down since him did a call pon God.  Wha oono have to sey to our current Minister of National Security?  Oono is a set a waggonists without any personal conviction.  Wey ever di crowd a chant oono chant to.

Tun up di prayers mi sey, tun it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Public urged to support ‘Jamaica Pray’

BY JAVENE SKYERS Observer staff reporter

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, July 28, 2016     45 Comments

Church leaders pray for National Security Minister Robert ‘Bobby’ Montague (third left) and his predecessor, Opposition spokesman on national security, Peter Bunting (fourth left) as well as for the security of the nation following the launch of the ‘Jamaica Pray’ initiative Tuesday at the Guardian Life building in New Kingston.

THE public is being called on to support this Sunday’s ‘Jamaica Pray’ initiative by adding their voices in prayer for the nation.

The call was made Tuesday by the Jamaica Umbrella-Groups of Churches (JUGC) during the launch of the event at the Guardian Life building in New Kingston.

“On Sunday, July 31st, between the hours of 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, there will be a mass gathering of the Christian community in Half-Way-Tree on the occasion of ‘Jamaica Pray’. This will be a very significant historic moment as it will be on the eve of the anniversary of our emancipation as a people and we will gather to seek God’s face to our nation that is struggling to bring crime and violence and road fatalities under control,” JUGC Chairman Reverend Cassel Dunkley told journalists at the press launch.

He said that the prayers will be directed at the youth, the family, the church, the nation, leaders and law enforcement agents, among others.

Dunkley said that, while the church will not lose its main focus to making disciples for Christ, it will be looking to God for empowerment by the Spirit which is needed for more practical and long-term solutions that will lead to a peaceful society.

“The afternoon’s activities, significantly prayer will be the object of the day, it is a mass prayer meeting as a matter of fact, it’s not a rally, not a convention…it’s a grand national prayer meeting and seven significant prayers are going to be prayed,” explained Bishop Dr Alvin Bailey, chairman of the ‘Jamaica Pray’ Planning Committee.

“But before those seven prayers, there will be an opening prayer and closing prayer and the opening prayer will take the form of a prayer of consecration and the closing prayer will be a time of facilitating repentance and, of course, reconciliation,” he continued.

Bailey stated that, while there will be choirs present, the occasion will not be about the entertainment but about solemness and a call to prayer and for prayer.

“Our decision to pray is in response to what we believe God is saying to us and we have read the scripture and we believe that the signs of our times and the nation cannot speak any louder than it has spoken. Those of us who know the God of peace should pray that the God of peace will bring peace to Jamaica, healing and reconciliation to Jamaica and we pray that God will hear our prayers,” Bailey said.

In his remarks, Minister of National Security Robert Montague commended the JUGC for using its “considerable influence” to call Jamaicans to unite in prayer for peace and security.

“We encourage Jamaicans from all across the country, Jamaicans from all walks of life, of every religious persuasion, of every social and every political strata and colour to join us in Half-Way-Tree square. Let us make a powerful statement for peace and lawfulness in our country and take a united stance against crime and the criminals who threaten the very future of Jamaicans,” Montague stated in his remarks.

“The blood of our brothers and sisters cry out from the ground, babies, children, mothers, grandmothers and the many innocent lives viciously taken away at the hands of heartless, cold, dirty criminals. It cannot be business as usual for any of us,” Montague added.

The minister stated that it’s important “not to point fingers” as every sector of society has contributed to the problem of criminality and so all must be a part of the solution.

‘Jamaica Pray’ will be held in Half Way Tree Square and will see the roads in and around the area closed as early as 6:00 am on Sunday. Details about alternate routes and traffic changes will be made available before Sunday.

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