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I started out with over 200 friends on my FB page, now I have fewer than 40 mostly family members, inner circle, and one or two business colleagues.   Why?  The novelty wore off in adding persons on my friends list who were not really my friends.  I also could not keep up with peering into each and everyone day to day activity, posting comments and looking through pictures.  It was just too many and to keep up with the pace would mean I rarely would have the time to have an actual conversation with a human being face to face or to hear their voice via the telephone, both of which I prefer than social media.   I am much more interested in humans actual speech, content, than emoticons.  Tell me how you feel in person and not the short cut versions of these caricatures that we believe are real.  Hey I’m into live acts don’t knock me too hard.  Anyway, that is my story on social media. 

Do you really have 500, 100, 1000, 4000 friends?   Have we gone social media crazy that the number of persons on our FB friends list means something special?   Do we accept every friend request that we deem to be attractive? Do you not know that this medium is fertile ground for the crazies, exhibitionists, attention seekers, those lost in translation, freaks, here comes ‘Catfish’ reality.  Oh to each is own you say, just remember that anything you have no control over, your control if it burns you is equal to having no control.  Sounds convoluted, let me simplify.  ‘U a live vicariously tru social media, den tek di ugly side wen it hit u.   Caas u can’t control who know who u know as a dat dem call multi level ting an ting.   An who u know can show u tings to who dem know.   Yeah, a suh it big’.

The ugly side of social media rare its head far too often on a global stage, much less on the Roc.


Montague denies rape allegations

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, November 10, 2015 | 1:34 PM     12 Comments

Jamaica Labour Party Shadow Minister on Mining and Energy, Senator Robert Montague

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica Labour Party Shadow Minister on Mining and Energy, Senator Robert Montague, issued a statement on Tuesday denying rape allegations against him.

According to Montague, the allegations, which originated on Facebook, are aimed at extorting him and have been reported to the police. 

See timeline, as released by Montague below:

August 28, 2015

I received a private communication, on my Facebook account that contained certain allegations, threats and an attempt to extort money from me. The police was contacted and advised that no reply was to be given.

August 31, 2015

I met with the Police and formally reported the matter. Shortly thereafter another private message was received stating that the allegations have been passed to the media, but no name had been called yet.

September 1, 2015

A blog with some of the said allegations and further innuendos was published and brought to the attention of the police. Contact with the legitimate owner of the account, from where the messages were supposedly, being sent was made. The legitimate owner denies sending the messages.

Montague said based on the advice of the police, he remained silent, so that they could advance their work but he is now compelled to make this matter public.

“Although much progress is being made with the investigation, it is not yet over,” Montague said.

Noting that the matter was now being politicised for election purposes, Montague appealed for the police to be given space to do their jobs without the “political overtones”.

Montague said the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime and the Major Organized Crime Agency have been appraised of his statement and his intention to make the matter public.

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