Prostitutes Have Rights Too – Afterall Everybadie A Bawl Fi Rights

The little I know of this trade, the one called prostitution, you have a choice once you are not working for a pimp correct?  Suh di man waan sex an di prostitute sey no, and u stab up di ooman.  I put it to you as simple as I can.  Which act is worst, the attempted murder of the prostitute for rejecting him or the subsequent death of the perp by the mob that beat him to death???

There is a trend on the Roc when a woman rejects a man, she is murdered or gravely assaulted.  Whether it is murder/suicide, it is the same sankey, man caan tek rejection.  It is beyond insanity and one has to take stock and start to think about protecting their person.  It has been reported through the media that the shooting range has seen an increase in female participants.  Whether it is crime, man woman affair, women are dying at the hands of our men and that cannot be ignored.

We need not worry on this particular case as there will be no witnesses and no jury.  When you live in the wild wild west, justice most times are achieved in the same environment that cultivates it.

Man killed by mob on ’Back Road’ after stabbing prostitute

A man who stabbed a prostitute several times was himself attacked and killed along Port Henderson Road, popularly known as ‘Back Road’, in Portmore St Catherine late Thursday night.

The dead man has not yet been identified.

The man reportedly went to the area, which is a known Red Light District, and attempted to solicit sex from a woman but the woman refused to do business with him.

Angered at being rejected, the man pulled a knife and stabbed the woman several times.

The injured woman raised an alarm and alerted other persons to her plight. A mob converged on the scene and beat the man to death.

The man’s body is of dark complexion, five feet three inches tall and appears to be about 35 years old.

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