‘Poppy Show, Diarrhea Of Di Mout Is A Disease Pon Di Roc’!!!

‘All upon a sudden oono ave problem wid list.  Oono neva know sey di list was a problem wen campaign did a gwaan fi di last general election’.   I am all for democracy, but too many of you take this freedom for granted and use it as a ploy to ‘stir’ the pot in an attempt to elevate your personal agenda.  It is one thing that disturbs me so, is when a man or woman cannot back up their talk with action. 

Madam if you had the support you claim to have, then list or no list you should hold your head up high and march in with your entourage and let the chips fall where they will.  All this ‘hullabaloo’ you have been on both in and outside of the media, is a bloody waste of valuable time.  Again democracy is all good and well, but there are times I wonder to myself as I doubt certain aspects of it.


Richards pulls out of St Ann SE selection process

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, September 27, 2015 | 10:41 AM   

Lydia Richards (file photo)
KNGSTON, Jamaica — People’s National Party Councillor for the Bensonton Division Lydia Richards has reportedly made an about-turn and will not take part in today’s candidate selection process in St Ann South Eastern.

Richards was challenging Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna for the right to represent the party in that constituency for upcoming parliamentary elections.

Richards told OBSERVER ONLINE late Saturday that she was “still in the race”, despite having issues with the delegates’ list.

OBERVER ONLINE has since learnt, however, that Richards has taken a decision not to participate in the selection exercise.

It is said that Richards had written to the party’s General Secretary Paul Burke stating that she was not comfortable with the list. However, nothing has reportedly been done about it.

OBSERVER ONLINE has learnt that among Richards’ concerns is the issue that people have been allegedly placed in groups, which are supporting her challenger Hanna, without their consent.

It is further alleged that those persons’ signatures were forged.

OBSERVER ONLINE has been reliably informed that the selection exercise will still take place as the party has not been officially informed of Richards’ decision. And that, should the councillor formally notify the party, Hanna will face delegates in a ratification exercise.

In the meantime, several people from the constituency have been summoned by the contractor general. It is understood that an investigation has been launched into the awarding of contracts in St Ann South Eastern.

Kimone Francis


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