Politics Or Politriks – Is There A Difference? – JamRoc And The Buggery Law

Foot and mouth disease causing diarrhea is so common in many circles, it leaves you in absolute wonderment.  Wonderment at how fast they wheel n come again, with a straight face.  Apparently there is a special kind of high they receive from the podium at the applause, salute and cheers when utterances appear to be of one accord.  So it is we have the Minister of Justice in fine fashion stating his personal opinion and dare I say morality on the issue of ‘buggery’.

“Let me make it very clear, I do not believe that the anus is a sexual organ. I am against homosexuality (loud applause), quite frankly I believe it’s wrong but at the same time I believe it’s equally wrong for anyone to promote homophobia (hatred of homosexuals)…” he said.

Homophobia definition the oxford, ‘Dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people’.  (I guess Jamdown has PHOBIA against itself as whole heap a people are prejudice gainst dis, dat, an every striking ting dem deem a crosses; who or what suffers more??).  Hmmph, moving on I daresay there may be those who deem the opinion on the anus not being a sexual organ to be homophobic.   When it comes unto this topic, there is rarely consensus as to what homophobia is.  To hell with the definition according to the dictionary, it is a ‘feeling’, an interpretation of others opinions that causes the term homophobia to be cast around on the Roc.  If enough people sey suh den wi homophobic.  Forget about classism that is experienced, shadeism that believe it or not some persons take to bleaching their skin with a view of becoming more marketable.  Those are insignificant because globally it is all about human rights that is subjective whether you want to accept it or not.

The BEAST that is crime is the biggest fish of them all, no pun intended is where energy, financial resources, abrogation of some human rights must be focused on heavily in Jamroc.  No use singing the same sankey re cooperation from citizens.  This is not the USA.  The Roc cannot provide witness protection, cannot pay any informer sufficient funds to bury himself and his entire family when all hell bruk loose.  Get that out of your minds and stop the silly speeches.  Government, the military and full support from the Opposition in declaring war on the criminals is what must be Jamaica’s top priority.  Take back this country unless you are afraid to do so.  Get the military out for 24 months and show them who is BOSS.  Show dem sey u nuh fraid a nuh duppy, no coffin, no obeah.  Who waan oil up oil up as who u serve bigger and badda dan dat!!!!!!!  Can those professing to love this country in government, opposition and civil society agree to extreme measures to deal with extreme lawlessness?????????

Referendum on the buggery law will be welcome, yet not at this time as on the top 5 list of priorities, it does not come close.  Anyone who thinks otherwise, I suggest if you live on the Roc, wake up from your self-induced coma, read the daily papers, and watch the news.  You will realise it is not a movie that is being filmed on the Roc to that of ‘Scarface’ rather day to day activities with the masses ducking, diving, or praying for coverage morning, noon and night.

Only a few are able to flip the script when they travel outside of this country to give speeches.  Some may call it political correctness in season, I call it the twins who are inseparable, politics and politriks………….

While we knock morality, every reason you say to someone it is against the law ie do not kill, steal, rape, etc or to say, it is wrong, is based on some form of morals.   Question, where does this moral guide comes from, where did it originate, its roots, its foundation?? 


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Chuck: Buggery law will only be changed by a referendum

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, June 16, 2017 37 Comments

 JPs pay attention at yesterday’s training seminar at Beadle’s Hall in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth. (Photo: Ainsley Clarke)

SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth – Justice Minister Delroy Chuck yesterday reiterated the Government’s position that Jamaica’s contentious buggery law will only be changed by a referendum.

However, while insisting on what he said was a personal position that homosexuality is morally “wrong”, Chuck questioned whether it was the business of the law to determine right and wrong of private sexual conduct.

“The Government’s position is clear and I will repeat it, the law will not be changed, save and except by a referendum. The buggery law will never be changed unless a referendum so decides,” Chuck told justices of the peace during a training seminar at the Beadle’s Hall in Santa Cruz.

Responding to what he said were questions being asked about his own position, the minister said: “Let me make it very clear, I do not believe that the anus is a sexual organ. I am against homosexuality (loud applause), quite frankly I believe it’s wrong but at the same time I believe it’s equally wrong for anyone to promote homophobia (hatred of homosexuals)…” he said.

He argued that people had a right to their own views and positions on issues. “…Once they do not infringe… your rights and freedoms we must respect them. In a democracy differing views must contend,” he said.

Chuck’s comments came against the backdrop of harsh criticism directed at him for reportedly suggesting that the church and faith-based groups were hindering the push to repeal the centuries-old buggery law, considered by many to be a breach of basic human rights.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said that buggery as well as other issues, such as a proposed move away from the British Privy Council to the Caribbean Court of Justice as Jamaica’s highest court, will be decided by referendum.

Questioned by journalists yesterday, Chuck said the Government had no clear time frame for the proposed referendum nor was it a priority given the many problems facing the country.

“The PM has in mind referendum on several areas but I suspect that those will come towards the end of the parliamentary term because there are so many things that need to be dealt with; we are concentrating more now on economy and crime… and so matters like referendum are not really top priorities at this time,” he said.

Asked whether in fact there could be no referendum in the current term, Chuck said: “I don’t know, the truth is that referendum for CCJ, to remove the Queen (as Jamaica’s Head of State), to remove the buggery law and others … these are absolutely needed but I don’t see it immediately,” he said.

Chuck told the JPs that while Christian churches considered homosexuality immoral, so too were premarital sex and adultery and even cigarette smoking, though such behaviour was not criminalised.

“I acknowledge that the churches, in particular, take the view that they must promote Biblical teaching… But let us face it, premarital sex is immoral, adultery is immoral and at one time those were criminalised. I don’t think that the Church would now ask that they be criminalised,” he said.

“Buggery I say is wrong but where do we draw the line in private morality. Is it the business of the law to peep in people’s bedroom and say what they are doing in the privacy of their bedroom is wrong?” Chuck asked.

“… The Church of which I am a part must lead in love and compassion. We might disagree and condemn certain lifestyles, but bigotry, discrimination and the denial of human and social rights must be rejected … democracy deserves more, Jamaica is better than that,” he said.

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