Police Nuh Ave Nuh Time Ina Lovers War – Dead At The Hands Of Your Lover

The High Command is unable to contain the increasing number of deaths on the Roc.  Crime has spiraled out of control.  Court Houses are full to capacity where Judges are now reprimanded for the current backlog of incomplete judgements.  Word from one or two magistrates is that the workload is beyond excessive and working conditions do not make it any better.  Where does that leave those who refuse to walk away from a relationship without death?  Two places; prison or the grave yard.

You have been fully warned and that is the Police has bigger fish to fry and they are sick and tired of being called out for domestic cases.  They will report to the scene once you have settled your matter which on many accounts is truly a judgement that was rendered by the ‘control freak’.  Can you handle that?  We better.  From all reports in the media, and I say media as there are other instances of deaths due to domestic violence that is not making it air time.  Oh yessssss.  This blog does not want an injunction to be slapped on it so let us leave it there.    The point is the shock, horror and wonderment has totally dissipated.  If every other day as it seems you hear of these cases, you become numb.  You shrug your shoulders and say, ‘ah suh di ting set’ and move on to the next 9 day wonder making the rounds.  No more advice, no more praying about the toxic relationship.  Let and let live, work hard, party hard, ride or die, a one life mi ave, suh whatever a ever’.

Those who are in touch on a higher level tend to have a different reasoning on our existence on Planet Earth.  The relationships fostered are not to be owned, controlled or become your own breath.  The infliction of possessiveness where you are no longer an individual but see yourself attached to your ‘other’ literally, is hardly embraced much less acceptable to the higher level reasoning.  Once you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually on the higher level you accept that you and you alone are responsible for your ‘wellness’.  Anything less is an infliction which ultimately leads as we can see in death.  There are dead bodies and there is also the walking dead.

Retired cop involved in murder/ suicide, man kills girlfriend

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, June 16, 2016 | 10:05 AM     36 Comments

 59 year-old Earnest Douglas

ST ELIZABETH, Jamaica – The St Elizabeth police are investigating late Wednesday’s suspected murder/ suicide of a retired inspector of police and his common-law wife at Short Hill in Pedro Plains.

Police say the incident follows hard on the heels of a domestic murder in which a 21 year-old woman from Culloden in Westmoreland was killed, allegedly by her boyfriend, at Galleon Beach in St Elizabeth. That suspect, a 27 year-old farmer of Crawford, St Elizabeth, is in custody pending formal charges.

The victims of the murder/suicide have been identified as 59 year-old Earnest Douglas, who retired from the police force as inspector assigned to the Protective Services and his common law wife, 41 year-old nail technician, Tamara McIntosh.

Reports are that Douglas who had returned home on Tuesday from a visit to the United States became involved in an argument with McIntosh on Wednesday night.

Explosions were heard about 9:00 pm after which McIntosh was found with a bullet wound to the face and Douglas with a bullet wound to the head. Douglas’s licensed firearm, a Glock pistol, was found beside him.

Early Tuesday, 21 year-old Felicia Wynter of Culloden was allegedly killed at Galleon Beach, just west of the St Elizabeth capital Black River. Reports are that her boyfriend (name withheld by police), for whom she had a baby, had earlier taken her from her home to Galleon Beach.

Police say Wynter’s body, with a wound to the head apparently caused by a “blunt” implement, was found under a pile of wood, leading to suspicions that there were plans to burn it.

“These are the type of murders that the police can do little or nothing about,” said head of the St Elizabeth police Superintendent Lanford Salmon. “We can only call on citizens to alert us if they see situations unfolding that can lead to domestic violence and tragedy. That way the police can proactively move to save lives,” he said.

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