PNP Scandal Of The Worst Order, Shame Like…….!!!!!

U ave di young one dem weh call dem self the brightest of the lot a holler.  A holler sey di ole foot ina di party nah gi dem nuh position even though dem lose dem seat.  One hit wonder dem mi a talk did a look senate position.  Den not even ole foot but geriatrics a war wid one another and every day Opposition Leader a preach sey dem fi stop mash up di party and chat family business.  Pull up, pull up, dis is serious business.

This is an absolutely low down, nasty, disgraceful, arms house style behaviour from those calling themselves members of the intelligentsia, leaders deserving of respect with no doubt accolades over the decades to display when necessary.  I believe it is, do as I say and not as I do, to be the party’s slogan.  At a time when the PNP is pushing for renewal, changing of the guards, love, unity.  How do you reconcile the recent developments with the course party members claim needs to be taken?  Then we have the audacity to denounce Usain Bolt, labelling him a cheater, womaniser and not fit to hold the position of Ambassador as he is not a  role model.  Who in the PNP is deemed worthy to come out and not only call the names of those scandalous louse, but to rebuke them publicly as many seeking role models saw necessary in their attacks on Usain Bolt?  I have always been told that silence means consent.

Are there a few good women and men left in the PNP?  If so, will you not address the public and as part of your renewal process make it known you do not condone such practices and disassociate yourself from such.  There are somethings you keep private and others you must hold a press conference to state the parties position.  With a scandal of this magnitude involving US$20 million, there is no justification to try to keep in-house.  The puss is already out of the bag and thanks to Paul Burke (Mr Lashy), General Secretary, he has brought the butu style behaviour in the typical trow wud to the public and coming from a man who holds such a position in the party, it is a crying shame.  Clearly he refuses to resign considering in two elections from my memory that he was beside the Oppostion Leader, she lost those general elections.  Be that as it may, he like many others in the PNP appear to be bull buck n duppy conqueror.  The so called youths of the party are their own demo gods, but not able to start another political party of their own.  As such one is left to speculate and assume that there might be many JLP sympathisers within the party or disgruntled PNP members who will feed the media with inside information.

So who do you trust?  Can you trust anonymous sources within the PNP?  Can you trust those who are silent continuing on the campaign trail as if one bad egg does not spoil the whole bunch much less five?  Citizens of this country who have a vote are beyond disgusted with the state of affairs within the PNP.  The JLP is in poll position and must enjoy the gift they have been given as the PNP and only the PNP are committing political suicide.  I can only draw this conclusion, they clearly represent the Robin Hood mantra, ‘all for one and one for all’.  Or could it be the PNP represents the Titanic, all and sundry will go down in the sinking ship, the good, the bad, and the indifferent.

Burke under fire

Fuming Comrades demand he apologise to Omar

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, September 01, 2016     107 Comments

BURKE… I am making no comment

Angry Comrades levelled a blistering attack on Paul Burke yesterday, demanding that he apologise to Dr Omar Davies as the campaign funding scandal engulfing the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) continued to inflame passions.

But Burke, the embattled PNP general secretary, said he was ignoring the demand from the executive of the party’s organisation in St Andrew Southern, the constituency represented by Dr Davies in Parliament.

The executive, in a terse statement, said that it “denounces the utterly shameful unsubstantiated attack on Dr Davies by the general secretary of the party”, and called on Burke to “withdraw it immediately and unreservedly, accompanied by an appropriate apology”.

The statement came two days after Dr Davies said Burke implicated him in “reckless and unsubstantiated” statements alluding to millions of US dollars collected from a Chinese firm and which should have been handed over to the party.

Dr Davies, in a letter to Burke which he also released to the media, demanded that the general secretary lay out all the facts at his disposal in connection with the matter, adding, “I have the right to make this demand of you as my own integrity is being questioned as a result of your unsubstantiated utterances.”

He also told Burke that he should disclose the information he has, not only within the party’s structure, but also to the wider public.

Dr Davies said that several Comrades had reported to him that at a meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council (NEC) held a few months ago, Burke stated that the party’s efforts in the February 25, 2016 General Election were hampered by inadequate financing, as some senior members had not passed on funds from donors to the central treasury.

“I was informed that you went on to state explicitly that you had learnt that it is an established practice for large Chinese firms to pay an ‘agent’s fee’, ranging from one per cent to 1.5 per cent of the total project cost. You claimed that it was customary that the ‘agent’ would be named by the minister with portfolio responsibility for the relevant sector,” Dr Davies stated.

“You then specifically alluded to a particular large project which was being implemented and asserted that, based on the level of expenditure on that project, the ‘agent’s fee’ would have amounted to between US$10 million and US$12 million. The link which you sought to establish to the PNP’s campaign financing was that a significant percentage of this amount should have been turned over to the party,” Davies told Burke.

He said that, while Burke gave no names, “many persons left the meeting with the clear impression that, within the construct which you had outlined, I was the minister who had recommended the agent to the Chinese firm”.

The former works minister stated that he had never been approached by any firm with respect to an agent’s fee, nor had he recommended anyone to act as their agent on any project.

“I have no knowledge of any fees or other payment which should have been turned over to the party’s treasury. I have not collected any contribution, either for my own constituency campaign, or for the PNP’s national campaign, from any Chinese company, construction or otherwise,” the outgoing MP and veteran Comrade contended.

Yesterday, the St Andrew Southern constituency executive expressed “firm and unequivocal support” for Dr Davies, and said that he has given committed public service to the constituency, the PNP, and Jamaica with “an unblemished record of integrity”.

When the Jamaica Observer contacted Burke for a response, he said that he would not address the statements made by Dr Davies or his constituency executive. “I have read it, and I am ignoring it. I am making no comment,” a guarded Burke said.

The scandal erupted on August 22 when media houses received a copy of PNP Treasurer Norman Horne’s report to the NEC meeting in July accusing candidates in the election of not remitting campaign donations.

Horne said that prior to February 17 when the party communicated its decision not to participate in three planned national debates, the treasury’s greatest competition in the marketplace was party members who held senior positions in Government.

“These persons were actively in the market for what seemed to be [the] sole benefit of their personal campaigns and collected significant amounts from members of the private sector who were earmarked by the treasury as potential substantial donors for the benefit of the PNP as one cohesive unit,” he wrote.

“On numerous occasions, information received by the treasury from the potential donors was that contributions had already been made to senior party members for the benefit of the party. However, only a few members reported or accounted in full, or even in part, for the receipt of these donations to the treasury or the party executive,” Horne said.

“This heavily affected the party’s income and short-changed the party, resulting in a negative effect on the national campaign. Financially speaking, there was not one central bank, but several banks, some of which had more resources than the treasury,” Horne said in his report.

Yesterday, Dr Karl Blythe, who is challenging Portia Simpson Miller for the PNP presidency, waded into the controversy, advising his fellow Comrades to “seek legal advice before they open their mouths further or release public statements”.

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