PNP – Relics Bawl In Like Manner The Under 40’s Holler In Their Quest To Be Profiled

Can one let their accomplishments take the front page as opposed to their ‘flare’ and pronouncements of knowing what the people want, and how loved they are by the people?  The PNP delegates do not allow you to win general elections and maybe the tide needs to change where those who have the power to decide who should represent the nation can deliver to all CLASSES.  As painful as it maybe for many, one seat victory is a victory in as much a Bolt’s victory against Gatlin narrow it surely was, but an exciting win nonetheless at the Worlds Championship.  Are you telling me Jamaica’s media does not have serious matters affecting this nation to follow up and report on rather than the daily dolly house pasa pasa of the PNP?

It is amazing that we can align ourselves with certain issues in the USA, yet when there are political requirements pertaining to governance we claim cultural differences.  Term limits and endorsements should be part of the course in Jamaica.  Those who are able to deliver to all CLASSES in this country catering to the whole and not just a part, need to be endorsed.  Old time, old style politics must change in this country if it is political parties intend to increase the numbers of those exercising their right to vote at both the local and general elections.   From where I am standing, when you view some of these town hall meetings, the music, the prance and dancing I wonder exactly if they are speaking to the entire population in this country.  ALL citizens who are eligible to vote once they are alive have a right.  Maybe the PNP and others need to be mindful of that and start changing the faces of those who want to serve ALL and not their chosen few and themselves.

We need more endorsements from well-known persons living in this country with unblemished integrity and reputation that can withstand any scrutiny.   One of the most unbecoming performance to view is that of grown people squabbling over spoils. Everyone speaks of renewal, change, yet when it is approaching, visible, some quarters bawl.

Colin Campbell upset over PJ’s endorsement of Mark Golding

  (Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | July 27, 2016 | 8:51 PM
Campbell …. PJ Patterson’s endorsement was done to deliberately sway delegates to vote for Mark Golding come Saturday.
Colin Campbell, one of the aspirants for the post of chairman of St Andrew South says he upset that former People’s National Party (PNP) president PJ Patterson has endorsed his opponent Mark Golding.

Campbell and Golding are to face off in an election on Saturday to succeed Dr Omar Davies as the constituency chairman.

Yesterday, Patterson publicly declared support for Mr Golding, saying that the senator had been an understudy of Dr Davies, who understands the needs of the St Andrew South constituency.

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Campbell and Golding are to face off in an election on Saturday to succeed Dr Omar Davies as the constituency chairman.

But in a letter to the PNP general secretary Paul Burke, Campbell complained that Patterson’s endorsement of Golding was unwarranted.

IN PHOTO: PJ Patterson

Campbell is also claiming that Patterson’s endorsement was done to deliberately sway delegates to vote for Golding come Saturday.

Challenger for Chairman of South St. Andrew, Colin Campbell

He says Golding sought Patterson’s endorsement because he doesn’t have the support of delegates to win the election on his own. 
IN PHOTO: Senator Mark Golding with constituents in St Andrew South

In his letter to the PNP’s general secretary, Campbell said up to April of this year, Golding had maintained that he did not wish to enter representational politics and serve the people of St. Andrew South.

Campbell also asked for his concerns regarding Patterson’s interference to be referred to the officers of the PNP.

He says he was assured that his concerns were related to Patterson and the party officers but they are yet to respond.

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