Plastic Rice Saga, JDF Recruits Suffer From Mysterious Illness – Who Can You Trust, Who Do You Trust???

If there was ever news that was worthy of press conference upon press conference, I would think it would be these two issues.  Who cares about PM Holness giving briefings?  He has appointed both a dinosaur and a youth, (both political terminologies which establishes your talent by years of service and the other by academia solely) to be the organ grinders (top chiefs) of these heavy duty ministries.  Is the media on these Ministers like hound dogs as the Jamaican people deserve and need facts that can stand up to the truth?  Not the spin doctor truth that has been manufactured and is ready to be tagged on the foreheads of the people.  Rather, blow by blow information with the media holding them accountable for the truth within a timeframe no longer than 10 days.

If there is no evidence of plastic rice, are the victims making this all up?  For what purpose?  Fame?  This is not ‘fareign’.  There is absolutely no fame to be had from such diatribe if you believe it not to be so.  I do believe there is plastic rice on the Island and I have received information where someone returned the rice to its place of  local origin and was duly refunded upon tendering their receipt.  Interesting that Nigeria is probing this said saga.  Reporting with a bit more truth if you ask me, recognising that it is possible that such a thing could infiltrate their country.  Coincidence, I hardly think so.  If this plastic rice was not enough to swallow, here comes more than 10% of the JDF recruits if my calculation is correct, mysteriously fallen ill.

Wata gwaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did they eat something that was prepared for them at the base?   Is the location contaminated with bacteria derived from unhealthy practices?  One can assume it is not airborne, as how come it nuh reach plenty a wi already?  With that out of the way.  Maybe some men in masks and suits similar to those worn during Ebola, remember Ebola should be visiting that base right about now.  Do not lose sight of the fact Mr Minister of Health was aware of the situation from the 14th December and john pubic jus a know bout di ting.  Wait where is the media??????

As you look to hound PM Holness big tings a gwaan pon di land ina di Christmas season, as we the public must know the truth.  Health is not something to play around with.  You and I know that our public health system is worse than it is a hopeful better than.  So with due respect, the consequence of eating plastic rice and this mysterious illness must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.  Majority of Jamaicans eat rice morning, tune and night  like the Nigerians; nuh mek dem fool u.


Nigeria probing ‘plastic rice’ smuggled into country

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | December 21, 2016 | 12:pm
 The BBC is reporting that Nigeria has confiscated 2.5 tonnes of ‘plastic rice’ smuggled into the country by unscrupulous businessmen.

The Nigerian customs service says the fake rice was intended to be sold in markets during the festive season.

He said the rice was very sticky after it was boiled and could be harmful if people ate it.

It is not clear where the seized bags came from but rice made from plastic pellets was found in China last year.

Rice is the most popular staple food in Nigeria.

The BBC’s Peter Okwoche says it is the only foodstuff that crosses cultural and ethnic lines across the country.



JAMAICA: No Evidence Of ‘plastic’ Rice Found In Testing – Samuda

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JAMAICA: No Evidence Of

RJR News / Commerce Minister Karl Samuda says no evidence of plastic rice has been found in samples which have been tested by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ).   Mr. Samuda made the disclosure at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, where he gave the assurance that the rice being sold in Jamaica is safe.    Mr. Samuda said the authorities are trying to find the creator of the social media video showing evidence of artificial rice.     The public is being asked to send samples of the rice to the Bureau of Standards. In the meantime, Mr. Samuda said a decision has also been made to clear the rice from two Caribbean suppliers, namely Guyana and Suriname. He, however, pledged that the authorities will be vigilant in their testing programme, which will include spot checks on all rice imports. Police Meanwhile, the Manchester Police have said they have not found any evidence that artificial rice is being sold in the parish.     A video, purportedly originating from Manchester, claimed that the rice is being sold to consumers in the parish. The video has sparked fear among consumers.     Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron, head of the Manchester Police, says the matter is under investigation, however, there has been no confirmation or official report of any such case of fake rice.


Mystery illness hits JDF recruits

BY KIMONE FRANCIS Observer staff reporter

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, December 21, 2016     25 Comments

 DE LA HAYE… we have had initial discussions with PAHO and we have

THE Ministry of Health was yesterday still trying to identify the respiratory infection that 80 Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) recruits contracted and which has left six admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), one of whom is said to be in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).“[There] is still no organism as yet, but we know it’s not the H1N1. We know it’s not an influenza virus but there are other things that cause the same symptoms, so we’re waiting to complete those studies,” Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at the ministry Dr Winston De La Haye told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

The infected recruits, he said, have been experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Dr De La Hay confirmed that 57 recruits were treated by the JDF’s medical team and have since returned to the intake; 17 were treated at UHWI and discharged; five admitted to wards and one to the ICU.

Two hundred and fifty recruits were at the JDF training centre at Newcastle in St Andrew where the outbreak began late last week. The recruits are now based at Twickenham Park in St Catherine.

Dr De La Haye said that the ministry has also sought the assistance of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to conduct further tests of samples to identify the infection.

“It is hard to say [how soon we will be able to identify what it is], but we expect further results this (Tuesday) evening from the biology lab; we’re working closely with them; as they get it, they call us, but nothing yet.

“We have had initial discussions with PAHO and we have been in constant collaboration with them. We shouldn’t be worried; it’s routine,” he said.

Yesterday, JDF spokesman Major Basil Jarrett admitted

that the defence force authorities had not readily picked up on the infection.

“When the first two recruits reported sick we didn’t really take any real notice of it because it’s a very rigorous and demanding training and sometimes from that recruits get sick; their bodies break down. But when the third recruit got sick we thought perhaps it was bigger than a simple flu,” he disclosed.

Jarrett said immediate contact was then made with the ministry and that the JDF has been working closely with them to identify “exactly what we are faced with”.

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton told the

Observer that he was made aware of the outbreak on December 14 and noted that his ministry is working with the leadership of the JDF.

“I visited Twickenham Park today (yesterday), along with the CMO, and did a briefing session,” said Tufton.

In the meantime, Jarrett said that the outbreak posed no major threat to the JDF’s training programme.

“They might have lost a few days, but no, I wouldn’t say it’s a setback. At this time of the year they would be looking to scale down a bit for the holiday, so it has not really impacted our training schedule,” he said.

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