Pastor Gets 20 Years – Glass Ceiling Broken??? – Ole Deviant!!!!

Pastors fall, reality, after all they are just like you and me, mere humans………….Erkesssss, draw brakes…………. hell no.  This is where it gets prickly as we jolly well know that many Pastors tend to move around as if they are God themselves.  Many pride themselves on being scholars of the Bible who can stir and evoke emotions from the sinners that stumble into Church as a ritual to seek forgiveness and be spirited by the one that calls them self ‘Pastor’.  It is pastor dis and pastor dat.  Pastor sey dis and pastor sey dat.  Rarely do they refer to the Bible as their ‘go to’.  Instead it is the Pastor.  So much so that the very act of sexual immorality is not only shrugged off under the carpets in many Churches.  The act of every imaginable fleshly sin is placed under the carpet for fear of rocking the boat and losing membership and I daresay the ‘dollar’.

Caught up in their own lifestyle of deceit of the ‘flock’ and the male bond that they have developed amongst their peers.  One would believe that there is one rule for Pastors and another for congregants.  Pastors inappropriate behaviour whether it be to entertain gossip, fractions causing division within the body, tearing down other colleagues from other denominations or non-denominations.  It appears Church leadership is suffering from their own political crisis where the Bible is often times ignored.  If it were not so, why have we reached this juncture?  How many Pastors have you heard, know of who pursue relationships with members of their own church or within the Body?  How often have you heard about Pastors who drop lick pon dem wife?  Let us be very clear, the wives are fully aware of the wretch that they are married to.  Only when sexual immorality and abuse is inflicted that the scriptures are brought to the fore, re forgiveness, and till death do us part.  So keeping up appearances is part of the course for Church people too.

I am a firm believer that what you fail to nip in the bud, will one day nip you causing great shame and degradation that no amount of justification can satisfy the audience soul.  We are faced with ‘rape’ that is what I call it.  With the Catholic Church having been rocked by sexual scandals amongst their most vulnerable, the behaviour still continues.  Why?  The invincibility that Pastors believe they possess.  The knowledge that their very own brotherhood will keep it under wraps, with only a warning followed by a grin.  After all what is a little sex?  As long as I beg God forgiveness, I can wheel an come again.  I am different, the example does not apply to me only to those who look  up to me for spiritual guidance, challenges they face whether relational or otherwise.   Often times it is said, ‘this too shall pass’.  Will this really pass?  Only if the Church who wants to maintain power on planet earth begin to hold those who lead at a higher standard than those who enter.  Until the Body of Christ whether a denomination or non-denomination speak out about the double standards that are allowed to exist.  The role of the Church will disintegrate to sheer mockery by those who continue by their action, to preach a message that they choose not to live by.

The sick, the vulnerable are told to enter into God’s house, yet when the house of God becomes a stomping ground for wickedness, nastiness, envy and corrupt behaviour by those in charge, the silence is deafening ,UNTIL.  Please tell me, on what grounds do the Church believe they stand on to be part of the social and moral decay rocking this land if  those standards are double, based on continued action by those who claim they are ‘called’ to lead?

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Rev Paul Hanniford pays penalty for having sex with 13-year-old girl

Pastor told 13-year-old girl after sex it was their ‘secret’

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, March 11, 2017     83 Comments

 REV Paul Hanniford was yesterday sentenced to 20 years in prison for having sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl two years ago.

The sentence was handed down by Justice Lorna Shelly Williams when Hanniford appeared in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

The Pentecostal City Mission Church pastor was on January 24 convicted by a seven-member jury for having sexual intercourse with the girl, who was three years below the age of consent.

The court was told that the minor was a member of the the pastor’s Pentecostal City Mission Church and was baptised by him.

According to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP), the complainant, who is now 15 years old, testified in court that on March 12, 2015, she and her five-year-old brother went to the church for choir practice and after the rehearsal they asked Pastor Hanniford for a drive-out in his van. The pastor, the ODPP said, took the children to his house in Kingston and all three went inside the building.

“The pastor gave the five-year-old some cornflakes to eat. The complainant requested the use of the bathroom and while there in the bathroom the pastor entered. The complainant was pushed by the pastor outside the bathroom onto a bed that was inside a nearby bedroom and sexually assaulted her,” the ODPP said in a release following the pastor’s conviction in January.

Prosecutors led evidence that the complainant began crying for help.

The court was told that her cries of “help, help” were overheard by her brother, who had climbed onto a chair and peeped through a hole in the door and observed Pastor Hanniford sexually assaulting his sister which made him feel “sad”.

According to the evidence presented to the court, after the complainant managed to leave the room, and rejoin her brother, the pastor gave them some cornflakes to eat and later warned the complainant not to tell anyone as it was their “secret”.

Later Pastor Hanniford, the court heard, took the complainant and her brother back to the church where the mother of the children met them. The complainant’s brother made a report to his mother in the presence of the pastor about what he had seen.

The following day a meeting was convened at the church with the bishop, the pastor, the complainant, her brother and the children’s parents. On April 14, 2015, a report was made to the police and the pastor was arrested. He was subsequently charged and when he was cautioned he made no statement.

In his defence at the in-camera trial, the pastor denied having sexual intercourse with the complainant and said that he had given the children a drive-out but not on the day in question.

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