Not A Hurricane Or Storm – Rainfall…………Welcome To Jamroc!!!!

3% growth in 3 years with infrastructure regression costing more than by the hour.   Who is asking the question?  What experienced, qualified/certified contractors are collecting money from the people of Jamaica to produce as below?  Are the blue collar workers/labourers certified, skilled outside of smoking ‘weed’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  How can you justify the unjustifiable and indefensible?   Oh………………you do not live over there?  You do not live in Montego Bay?  Well have you taken a good look at Kingston?  Every striking nook an cranny wey u fi walk or drive under demolition of the worst kind across this Island.  The kind of demolition that occurs through design as the powers of be keep on rending the same service decade after decade and that is ‘wickedness’.    If these people were in the Private Sector and caused this amount of damage, loss with increased costs to shareholders, directors, owners etc, they would be kicked out on their asses.  Not so once you hold the’ diplomatic passport’ in Government and the Opposition.   It appears you have a job for life at the expense of the Jamaican people.  Knowing full well, that the vast majority who have more to lose will never hold you accountable hence never rushing to the polls or better still demonstrating aggressively so as to make you lot wok more.  Be more accountable and desist from the links culture an stop gi wok to those who are di living hustlers.  Stop gi wok for votes to a labour force wey weed out more often than not.  A labour force wey unskilled an ave the Trade Union jack up under dem as di very same Union a collect money fi chat pon dem behalf.

If this Island is unable to weather rainfall, how with good conscience can we expect to weather further hurricanes, storms, earthquakes?  What kind of investors are you looking to swoon?  Even if you fly a chopper, at some point in time you have to land on ground.  Wey dem ago walk?  U mus fly chopper like how di shotta taxi dem roam di streets under the pretext of providing sustainable transportation?

Drainage……………suh wah caas di drainage in di first place?  Notice how Island Grill a use cardboard box?  Have they suffered any financial loss by making the switch from Styrofoam?  When are we going to ban this material?   People do not need any more education on how to be dispose of their garbage.   U cannot buy wah nuh dem pon di market, argument done.  So where is the conversation relating to this elephant in the room.  Mark you we have many elephants to deal with.   So why drains not being cleaned across the Island?  No money…………………so where is the money now coming from to deal with not only Portmore but also Montego Bay?

We are living in a fool’s paradise.  We do not even realise that when we swoon, entertain foreign investors, and run up wi mouth.  Dem look around and no matter how you dress from top to bottom in your designer gear wid u US$100,000.00 watch pon u han. Hear dem nuh, ‘damn these people really live like this.  Yea the houses look great, but my God, look around, how can you escape this?  I don’t know, nice people and all that, but I really don’t know.  Hey look at the filth over there, and this is the commercial capital, damn, damn’!!!!!

How di song go………………..’a yah so nice’, or ‘nuh wey nuh better dan yaard’.


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Westmeade Willows flooded

HAJ denies responsibility for cleaning clogged drain in Portmore community

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, November 23, 2017 16 Comments

A schoolgirl is assisted along a flooded road in Westmeade Willows, Portmore, St Catherine, yesterday morning.

THE Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) yesterday denied that it is responsible for cleaning clogged drains, which caused flooding of homes in Westmeade Willows during heavy rains early yesterday morning.

Westmeade Willows, located across the road from the Garveymeade housing development, was built by the HAJ and handed over to residents in 2012.

The HAJ, in a statement after visiting the flooded area yesterday, said flooding was due primarily to the general non-cleaning of the external drains, in particular, the exit.

“This drain has always belonged to the [Portmore] Municipal Corporation and as such is not the responsibility of HAJ,” the statement said. It added that in 2017 the municipality asked the HAJ for a contribution towards drain cleaning and the agency obliged on September 18, 2017, with the clear understanding that the drain belonged to the municipality, and as such was responsible for cleaning same.

“The current flooding is not a result of anything the agency has done,” the HAJ insisted.

Attempts to get a comment from the Portmore Municipal Council proved futile.

A resident reported that the flood waters left her marooned inside her home and prevented her from attending work.

The community association president, Marlon James, said flooding has been a recurrent issue since 2012 when the housing scheme was built.

“We are having flooding issues whenever it rains. This is primarily due to a drain that is located directly in front of the community (which) has not been maintained or cleaned,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

James said the flood waters rose between 10 and 15 inches, “rushing through people’s homes” and threatening to submerge their vehicles.

He told the Observer that the association has been in communication with both the HAJ and the Portmore Municipal Council about the maintenance of the drain, but has been unable to get an agreement about regular maintenance.

“Everyone is pointing fingers as to who is responsible for the drainage,” he said.

James said the council and the National Solid Waste Management Agency sent tractors yesterday to clear the drains, but he insisted it was only a temporary fix.


PHOTOS: PM tours MoBay after flooding

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, November 23, 2017 14 Comments




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