‘No Sah, Dah One Yah A Scarface’ – Ex Lover Kills 26 Year Old Woman and Injures Others

If you allow your mind to drift for a few seconds, based on reporting’s in the last 48 hours you would want to think these ‘nutters’ intend to make the headlines.  It appears that in this Century, people that get into a relationship, do so believing that it is meant for life.  Nothing lasts forever we only hope it does.  Whilst there are those that are unmarried, it seems as if they are taking wedding vows way too serious; ’till death do us part’. 

I suggest upcoming brides and grooms start writing their own marriage vows and omit, ’till death do us part’ as the interpretation for some is mind boggling.  On a more serious note, there is a fundamental breakdown in the understanding of what it means to be a ‘free agent’, when it pertains to affairs of the heart. Oh yes, it is often said that love and insanity are closely linked and while I love the whole feeling and process of ‘love’, a little insanity sweetens the pot and begs for the ultimate excitement.  Still yet, there comes a time when you must realise that you are going ‘stark staring’ mad when you set upon a course to end the person’s life.  Now ‘disya fool head start to tek him, from him begin to stark ar’.  If you decide to stalk or trail your significant other, spouse or ex, you know you are not intending to have a casual conversation about the weather.  You and I both know you are prepared to ‘draw blood’.  So he proceeds down this path of total insanity……….yes it is my belief that you can have a ‘touch’ of insanity and function quite well, as opposed to full fledged ‘insanity’ where you need to be committed never to be released.  ‘Wen di head gaan proper, it well gaan and nuh doctor caan bring u back’.  It is what it is.

Let us get back to reality.   You do not need a reason to end or quit a relationship.  If you are not feeling it anymore, rather than ‘tek people mek prekey’, walk away.  It is called life, it happens.  Rarely two persons agree at the same time for the relationship to end, and that will not change.  However, we have got to realise that no matter the length of time in the union, children or the investment; if someone wants to go, LET THEM GO.  We do not own anyone and it is better to mourn the end of a relationship however long it takes you.  The path of revenge, anger, cussing back and forth only leads to someone’s death or as we have seen on the Roc murder/suicide.

Now you have two innocent people in the hospital due to this psychopath unleashing a barrage of gunshots as if he was acting in a movie, killing his ex in the process on her turf.  I mean this is sheer madness.  The madness well ‘up pon di’ Roc.  One final thing I will say, Funeral Homes definitely not feeling the austerity on the Island.


Cops seeking ‘jealous man’ for death of spouse

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, July 25, 2015    


DEESIDE, Tralawny — The Trelawny police are seeking a “jealous man” who allegedly shot and killed a woman and injured two other members of the Deeside community where he trailed his lover Monday afternoon.

The dead woman has been identified as 26-year-old Natalie Brooks, a resident of Clarendon.

Police said about 2:30 Monday afternoon, Brooks was driving in the community when she was trailed by a man believed to be her estranged lover. Police said the man followed the woman into a yard in Deeside, and allegedly became enraged when occupants of the premises asked him to leave.

Police further allege that the upset man rushed to his motor vehicle and returned with a pistol he took from the trunk, then began to fire wildly, hitting two women and a male who were in the yard.

The three were taken to the Falmouth Public Hospital where Brooks was pronounced dead and the two others admitted in serious, but stable, condition.

According to a senior police source, the Trelawny police are aware of the identity of the killer who is reportedly from outside the parish, and are actively pursuing him.

Brooks’s death pushed to nine the number of persons who have been reported murdered in the parish up to Monday.

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