Nigerian Eye Doctor Charged In JA!!!!

What do you mean by ‘working without authorisation’?   Is it that the Nigerian optometrist is an ‘illegal’ on the Island or he is not a certified optometrist?   I am not of the legal mind and so are many of our readers, so simplicity and clarity are sought.  I will proffer regardless.

I have already told you that ‘wen u bemoan di migration move of our supposedly brightest, understand sey migration a gwaan from ‘Whappy kill Phillup’, an it nah stap’.  Lee Chin, Billionaire on Jamaica’s soil wrote a few days ago that whilst we complain and do nothing for ourselves, others will come to this Island and reap.  My sentiments exactly.

We are told by Economists that  despite the country’s  ills,  Nigeria is ‘where its act’ as it relates to ‘boom’ in the economy.  It sports Oil, and when you have that commodity your country is considered rich.  Despite the terrorists group Boko Haram, with a population exceeding 150 million Nigeria is still profiled as the Country where entrepreneurs can prosper and the rich become richer.

Not so long ago the media reported on a foreign Dentist who was practicing without a license on the Roc. In fact his license was suspended from a State in the good ole USA, yet he found refuge here. No follow up has been reported on that case. So why come to Jamaica I ask?  In comparison to Nigeria, the USA and what many on the Roc want to espouse, ‘wi nuh mash up?’

Nigerian optometrist accused of working without authorisation, charged

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, February 06, 2016 | 9:43 AM     

ST JAMES, Jamaica — The Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) on Thursday arrested and charged a Nigerian optometrist in Montego Bay, St James.

He is Henry Nwankwo, who is of a St James address.

A news release from MOCA said Nwankwo was charged following an interview, which was conducted in the presence of his attorney, for breaching the Opticians Act.

It is alleged that he was practicing in the field without the required authorisation.

 He as since been offered bail in the sum of $200,000 with sureties and will appear in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court on February 17, 2016.

MOCA said investigation into the matter are continuing.

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